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It's awesome! Intelligent contact lenses equipped with LEDs to test blood sugar

Jan 30, 2018

Recently, Korea Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) also began to study the wisdom of contact lenses, using soft contact lenses in the sensor and led to test blood sugar, when the blood sugar in tears is too high, where the green LED will stop flashing continuously, reminding users.

At present, patients with diabetes in the blood test sugar, commonly used to poke their fingers or under the sebum needle, the patient has to endure the inconvenience of the appliance and tingling, if the study pioneered the development of diabetes patients is a great gospel.


To keep the patient from feeling unwell, the team creates a flexible and flexible transparent electronic component that uses antennas and rectifiers (rectifier) to convert nearby generator frequencies to electricity, which power the glucose sensors and LEDs, and the LED glows in the direction of the outside, The wearer will not see the flashing green LEDs.

LED is a light-emitting semiconductor electronic components, with small size, power saving, will not interfere with the advantages of electromagnetic, the application of a wider range, large to the advertising panel, small to the favored led LiFi Optical communications, LED is now ubiquitous lighting and light bulbs. And in the concept of some smart contact lenses will also find the trace of the LED.

But the study has not yet been used in human clinics, only in animal studies, and the researchers have not found any adverse reactions, Jihun Park, a leading scientist, says sensors can also accurately track blood sugar in tears.

But the product still needs to be developed, according to David Walt, a diagnostic expert at Harvard University's Wyss Cato Institute, that there are still problems to be solved. Glucose sensors are used in the equipment of glucose oxidase (glucose oxidase) to measure blood sugar, but glucose oxidase combined with sugar will produce hydrogen peroxide, may damage the eyes. And over time, the amount of glucose oxidase in the device will also drop, to find ways to extend the life of contact lenses.

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Park also said that such intelligent contact lenses also have room for improvement and will work with other vendors to solve the problem. According to the news, in addition to Verily (formerly known as Google X), some manufacturers such as Sensimed, Epglmed, Samsung, Sony and Apple in the future will need to launch the wisdom of contact lenses.

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