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Korea KAIST Research and development of flexible vertical micro LED, can be used for biological treatment

Feb 02, 2018

Thanks to ultra-low power consumption, rapid response speed and superior flexibility, flexible micro LED has become a powerful candidate for next-generation displays. However, the former micro LED technology is facing the key problems such as poor device efficiency, low thermal reliability, high resolution Micro LED display interconnect technology.

IP33-Decoration-LED-Flexible-Strip-Light-with-Ce-RoHS (1).jpg

According to the report, the team designed a new transfer device and created a f-vled array (50x50) with the accurate alignment of ACF bonding process, synchronous transmission and interconnect technology. Compared with the transverse micro led, these f-vled optical power density (mw/mm2) is 3 times times higher, and can improve the thermal reliability and prolong the working life by reducing the heat occurrence inside the film led.


It is reported that these f-vleds (thickness: 5 microns, size: 80 microns below) is suitable for the neuron cell and brain behavior of the light genetic control. Contrary to the electrical stimulation that activates all neurons in the brain, light genetic control stimulates specific excitatory or inhibitory neurons in the region of the brain, facilitating accurate analysis and mapping and neuronal regulation of high-resolution animal brains.

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