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Good business profit, Taiwan factory infrared led has been into consumer products application

Feb 02, 2018

Billion light after last year's adjustment, this year in infrared, miniled, as well as consumer products and monitors, such as growth momentum, Ye YINFE to this year's outlook optimistic that this year's revenue and profits are expected to return to the level of 2016 years, according to the Open Information Observatory, billion in 2016 EPS for 4.13 yuan (NT).

The recent TV ads will see billion light LED bulbs, but Ye Yinfe stressed that this is only "New year to remind everyone to change the lights," but for this low gross margin of lighting products, in the billion-light revenue account has fallen below 10%.

IP65-Waterprool-UL-LED-Panel-Light-White-Highting (1).jpg

As for the rise of the billion light is infra-red, Ye Yinfe said, because billion light in the infrared, infrared light accounted for the proportion of billion has reached 25%, this year can also have two-digit growth.

In fact, the face recognition of the Taiwan led factory not only billion light, the previous leader also said that the 3D sense of the way there are two processes, one is the use of infrared LED, the other is Vcsel,vcsel will be more accurate than led, so there are strategic partners to negotiate, Longda has been working with the CMOS module and customer development, the current led face, iris identification has begun to ship, Vcsel is next year's development focus. Ye Yinfe said, billion-ray infrared LED has been shipped mobile phone factory face recognition, but the laser Vcsel has not begun.


As for the outside world is more surprised is billion light led also into the intelligent speaker supply chain, Ye Yinfe said that when the intelligent speaker and human interaction, there will be lights, is led, as for billion to penetrate Google, Amazon or Apple that supply chain, or more than one, Ye Yin to "secret" response.

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