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China's next 10 years trend, the future of the LED industry how?

Feb 05, 2018

Why do we talk about the impact of the big trend on the industry today? Because no matter where you are, the real trend will be to each person on the earth deep volume of which, and restructure large to the country, the city, small to enterprises, consumers a series of intricate relationships. And the real concern is not the big trends themselves, but the tendency of those associated with us in the general trend, and the impact they may have on us. Facing the future, it is in these big background, the trend of the LED industry ushered in a new era. What do we do?

I. Interconnection and integration

The sensor and the IoT will make the world completely interconnected. By 2020, there will be an average of 5 networked devices per user, with an average of 10 networked devices per household, and 80 billion interconnected devices on the market. More importantly, we will see more than 5 billion of the world's netizens. High-speed Internet facilities are also accelerating penetration, such as Colombia, which has made access to the Internet a fundamental human right, determined by the government. One reason is that the government has realised that getting information online can really empower people.

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LED industry secondary trend: Intelligent interconnection

The intelligent interconnection begins with the wide application of Internet information technology, and the revolution of science and technology leads to the industrial revolution, which gradually evolves into a new social and economic mode, a new social culture, which fundamentally changes the whole world and pushes the human society into a new historical stage different from the industrialized era. Its essence is the combination of lighting control with the Internet, through the controller and routers and network connection control lighting, LED lighting technology and application to a new level and field, from the functional and emotional can realize the future of light.

Two, the terrible 5G

Why is 5G so scary? Because this is the foundation for building a future intelligent society. Leaving 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, unmanned driving, intelligent city, it is impossible to talk about. And a lot of people only know the speed of 5G is amazing, but ignore its "Multiple access technology", the number of 5G accessible devices, the category is a hundredfold of 4G. All objects of the future will become wise and have life. This is the interconnection of all things, and once everything is interconnected, the world will be changed dramatically!

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LED industry secondary trend: Intelligent City Business Opportunities

With the promotion of 5G and Internet of things, intelligent City will transform led outdoor lighting into internet node of IoT. As the world's major cities have been transformed into intelligent cities, the importance of urban intelligence is increasing, for the lighting industry, led intelligent Street lamp promotion, will help to get rid of the LED general lighting price competition, and early to seize its follow-up operation and maintenance of the market map, and intelligent lighting and the participation of Intelligent city planning, more conducive to the use of Cross-border resource integration and strategic alliances, excluding small and medium-sized competitors, operators pointed out that the 5G commercial operation of the demand will be early in the second half of the year, optimistic about the 2018 global led Intelligent Street lamp demand is expected to accelerate the promotion. The trend of intelligent city escalation is raging, and 2018 will expand worldwide.

Third, the city is the customer

In the future, cities will become very important business customers. We see a global phenomenon in which mega-cities (Mega city) are rapidly forming. Cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, New York and London, although they are already large in volume, are growing. But in this process, the city's energy consumption is serious, infrastructure construction also cannot keep up with.

LED industry secondary trend: Night scene economic outbreak

The changing pattern of space helps push the city's cultural atmosphere increasingly strong. In the rapid development of China's economy today, there are experts to make predictions: The next decade, China's tourism industry will be the most worthy of investment. Relevant data analysis that the 300 cities in mainland China, 2,800 counties, such as only 5% of the city to promote urban lighting projects, it can form billions of U.S.-level landscape lighting market demand, the economic prospects for the night is impressive. City is the customer, the beauty of lighting, never more than appearance, more fascinating is the impact of culture and technology brought about by the charm. Landscape lighting Market has been opened, looking forward to the industry leader can take the opportunity Albatron!

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Iv. Innovation to 0

Innovation to 0, the word may sound strange. But in the area of environmental protection, the word has been increasingly mentioned. With innovation to 0 of thinking, you can start to design products and solutions. What is innovation to 0? is zero emissions, 0 failures, 0 waste, 0 pollution. Innovation is the way, but the foothold is still in "0". In his 2010 Ted speech, Bill Gates first articulated the idea of innovation to 0, and he hopes that the new nuclear reactor project he supports will create an "energy miracle" and that 2050 years ago it was necessary to reduce carbon emissions to zero.

LED industry secondary trend: better protection of the environment

Smart bulbs dominate when it comes to energy consumption. In the three-part study initiated by the environmental sector, there is no doubt that LEDs are significantly better for the environment. Earlier, Philips Lighting announced the first nearly 0 energy-saving demonstration building in China intelligent interconnected lighting system operation. The nearly 0 energy consumption demonstration building in Beijing China Building Research Institute (CABR) not only uses energy-saving LED lamps, advanced lighting control system, but also utilizes Poe Intelligent Internet Office lighting technology for the first time. Value to the universe, 2018 to do with a sense of mission enterprises. In the next 5-10 years, we will see a large-scale energy revolution, traditional electric power companies will encounter complete subversion.

We need to understand these unstoppable forces, and more and more attention to the global market, we are in the industry is facing unprecedented market growth opportunities. How to grasp the opportunity to become the industry-goers, is worth each person to think deeply about the problem.

1. How people consume products and services in the future;

2, what needs are not present, but the future will appear.


These are the processes we call forward-looking innovation. In the framework of the trend, we find some trends related to the LED industry, and study the possible impact of these trends on the industry. On the other hand, assess whether existing product solutions can meet future needs and try to develop products or services that may affect the future.

The exhibition reflects the current situation of the lighting industry, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (referred to as Gile) as an industry vane, also through the phenomenon of the future development of the industry. June 9, 2018-12th, Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition will be held again in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pavilion, for led industry to bring new technologies, new design concepts and new opportunities, throughout the LED lighting industry chain pattern change trend for lighting enterprises to identify the direction of development, the pursuit of market demand. "With the economy" as the future trend, the next competition or industry and industry competition.

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Waterproof Sky Scene LED Square Panel Light with White Lighting