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Jinan lights up the banquet new business card night lighting landscape beauty like wonderland

Feb 07, 2018

As the night falls, Jinan Daming Lake by the colorful lights outline the small bridge, spring, ancient architecture contour, colorful, like fairyland. "Daming Lake in the daytime is impressive, but the night's Daming lake is even more beautiful!" The first to Jinan foreign tourists Zhang said.

As a millennium history of the ancient city, Jinan has Daming Lake, Baotu and other unique historical and cultural resources, but has not specifically to create a night lighting landscape, nor the formation of a complete night tourism system.

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In order to beautify the city image and meet the needs of cultural and entertainment, from last year, Jinan began to build a "one Lake One Ring" landscape lighting project and "Ming Lake Show" project composed of urban lighting promotion project.

According to Jinan Literature Brigade Development Group related staff, "One Lake One Ring" project is the Daming Lake, the ring Park as the core, on both sides and the surrounding through the lighting to show "Quancheng" unique historical charm and cultural characteristics, has now been tried to run; The "Ming Lake Show" Project is the history and culture of Quancheng and natural scenery as the source of creation, in-depth excavation of Jinan's spring characteristics and human elements, the use of water fountains, loaded floating platform and other carriers, carefully to create a large-scale business performance on the dynamic scene.

"Quancheng" Jinan known as "Spring a world" reputation, the area distribution includes Baotu, Tiger, Zhenzhuquan, including more than 640 famous springs, Spring has become the city's most shiny business card.


"To create ' Spring Banquet ' not only helps Jinan to create new city business cards, enhance the influence and competitiveness, but also let the people of the whole town share, sharing, the joy of this natural gift of nature is an important measure." "Wang Zhongwu, a sociology professor at Shandong University, said.

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