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What are the new features and trends of intelligent lighting?

Feb 27, 2018

What are the new features of intelligent lighting?

Now, by using the software, you can change the color temperature of the lamp, press the button to preset the scene and mood, and combine a group of intelligent products into a blended intelligent home.

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What is the function of intelligent lighting?

In the past, one of the biggest problems with the lighting industry was the compatibility between the control system and LED lighting, because the driver needed special electronic equipment. Now, because control is directly in the LED, there is no compatibility problem. In this way, the owner can easily install intelligent lighting, open the box can install lamps, as simple as replacing a light bulb.

In addition, security is also very important. At certain times of the day, lights will be lit indoors and outdoors, giving a sense of "you're at home" and creating a safe environment. When the homeowner drives home, the lights can be turned on by a geo-fence, or they can be opened remotely using the app, very simple.

What does speech activation do?

Integrated with Amazon's Alexa and Google home, homeowners can turn voice assistants into smart homes. Homeowners can adjust and customize the lighting level and color Win Lai preset mood, can ask the voice assistant to "Activate Party Mode" or "Wake up the child", according to the specific lighting needs to activate.

What's the next step in smart home technology?

Today, smart technologies are seamlessly integrated into smart home systems, such as Eaton's Halo home, which can support Bluetooth, not the Internet, and can operate with apps and fixtures.

Even the light switch may look completely different in 10-15 years. Homeowners are looking for a minimalist and stylish design. If you replace the traditional lighting switch and replace it with some smart home hubs, you can generate powerful and efficient systems.


Intelligent lighting is a catalyst for the revolution of intelligent home. It not only provides the ease of use of voice activation, but also creates security and allows homeowners to customize the overall feeling of the family.

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