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Intelligent Lighting Market Hot smart home play what role?

Mar 01, 2018

With the development of technology, product maturity, manufacturers actively promote the concept of intelligent lighting, the global intelligent lighting market into a high-speed development phase, the data show that 2013 when the global market industry size of about 5.757 billion U.S. dollars, including lamps and related accessories market size of about 1.287 billion U.S. dollars; 2015 Global Intelligent Lighting market size reached 7.83 billion U.S. dollars, growth is very fast. According to the current development momentum, it is estimated that 2020 will reach $24.341 billion.

Intelligent lighting Market, the main reason is mainly from the following aspects: 1, intelligent home industry more fiery, 2, all over the world to cross-border cooperation; 3, LED lighting began to pay attention to intelligent lighting.

Today we fully elaborate on these three major reasons, we mainly say smart home and intelligent lighting has a relationship.

With the smart home equipment from the early adoption to large-scale adoption, as an important basic function of intelligent home system equipment, home intelligent lighting trend is surging. "The Home intelligent lighting market is one of the fastest growing areas of intelligent lighting," said Paul Bremner, a senior analyst at IHS Markit, "with the 2017 residential smart lighting market reaching $1.5 billion trillion, synchronized with smart home products, from 2017 to 2021, The smart lighting market will grow at a compound annual rate of 30.5%, with a market size of more than 4.5 billion dollars by 2021. This shows that the home intelligent lighting potential market scale is very considerable.

There is no doubt that home smart lighting has been the industry consensus. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad began competing layout, for example, Philips Lighting, OP lighting, NVC lighting and the three-male aurora, and other traditional lighting equipment manufacturers are actively turning to intelligent lighting solutions provider, and some intelligent lighting control system suppliers such as graffiti, Nanjing, etc., also began to cast chips in the home intelligent lighting market.

In addition, from the Global intelligent lighting manufacturer layout Survey can be found, indoor lighting positioning system has become the lighting industry manufacturers are actively developing a direction, the main lighting manufacturers are also actively cooperating with the relevant manufacturers. The first part of the indoor lighting positioning system, in addition to providing lighting functions, but also provide different service modes, become the main development direction of manufacturers, including the role of indoor positioning to help customers quickly find goods, marketing to provide preferential information, new products and other energy-saving, combined with intelligent parking systems.

In the past two years the main lighting manufacturers actively seek partners to invest in indoor lighting positioning system development, including Zumtobel and the French chain store E.LECLERC cooperation, Philips and many partners jointly developed, Osram and Beaconsmind AG Cooperation, and Urora Group and Gooee Inside cooperation, are invariably put into the indoor lighting positioning system development, for intelligent lighting to find new added value and function.

Conclusion: With the speed of intelligent home process, intelligent lighting will play a more important role, as the carrier of intelligent lighting, intelligent home is accelerating the application of intelligent lighting landing.

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