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OLED lighting market opportunities and challenges

Mar 01, 2018

OLED and LED technology competition, led manufacturers in the past 10 years on OLED attention. Although the high cost of OLED technology makes it difficult to improve permeability, but with Osram, LG and other manufacturers of investment, as well as the Chinese manufacturers in the field of OLED display of the huge amount of investments, can be used in the display industry research and development experience and technology equipment advantages to the rapid rise of OLED lighting, coupled with the People to the lighting integration of life and artistic aesthetic requirements of the promotion, so that white light OLED lighting is likely to become the next generation of lighting Nova.

Automotive lighting is currently the most OLED lighting is the most spark and the most mature application market. In fact, with the latest integration of LED technology, lighting has evolved from a basic functional feature to a significant feature of the automotive value potential, while OLED has the real potential to differentiate it from LEDs and provide new added value. The BMW M4 GTS, launched in 2016, is the first commercial vehicle to use OLED technology in taillights.

In addition to the automotive market, OLED lighting manufacturers are also actively engaged in commercial lighting or office lighting and other traditional lighting areas, in addition, OLED technology must combine a number of niche markets to achieve economies of scale, thereby reducing costs, while niche markets include medical lighting and embedded lighting.

According to Ledinside data, The global OLED lighting panel in 2017 to reach about 153 million U.S. dollars market size, estimated 2018 China OLED display industry will release capacity, when the OLED industry will usher in a sharp increase in yield and the cost of a sharp drop trend, OLED lighting will also be due to the entire market situation, ushered in new cost-effective opportunities, is expected to 2020 Will grow to more than 1.1 billion dollars in market size.

Layout progress of major manufacturers


OSRAM in July 2007 announced the closure of the Malaysian OLED display plant, instead focusing on OLED applications in lighting. In the decade, Osram, in addition to its OLED table lamp, in the automotive OLED lighting layout Progress also became the forerunner of the industry, including BMW and Audi in 2015 to 2016 announced the launch of the tail lamp OLED lighting for the car, many of the provisions are supplied by Osram.


2017 LGD in the OLED layout is increasing, in the display field of large-scale investment, LGD also actively contact with BMW, hoping to sell OLED lighting products. It is reported that the supply of LGD and BMW OLED lighting products will include taillights and interior lighting parts. In addition, LGD also revealed its new OLED brand Luflex at the end of 2017 and announced that it will sell its OLED lighting products in the future with Luflex as the most preferred option, followed by commercial lighting and lighting manufacturers, LGD to become the world's largest OLED lighting brand for the future.


2010 GE began the OLED project, GE Global Research and Development Center announced in cooperation with Konica Minolta development, white light OLED achieved a "significant breakthrough", the luminous efficacy of 56lmz/w, using a solution based coating materials, is to achieve low-cost manufacturing OLED important conditions. GE and km plan to put the first OLED flexible lighting products on the market in 2011.


April 2015 Oledworks acquired Philips OLED light source device business and related intellectual property, is currently in the United States (low capacity amber lighting) and Germany (a large Lumiblade panel) production panel.

Konica Minolta Pioneer Joint venture Company

March 2017 Konica Minolta and Pioneer announced 2 manufacturers merged their OLED business unit, and on June 1, 2017 formally set up a new 50:50 joint venture manufacturer Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED. Pioneer also exhibited the automotive OLED lighting system in 2018 CES.

Yi Guang Technology

Yi Optical Technology for the May 2015 from the letter Connaught spin-off focus on OLED lighting manufacturers, the head office of the first is Tsinghua University OLED project group, and then the industrialization of an OLED company, has been Kunshan state Holdings, is one of China's OLED industry leading manufacturers, the main force for lighting, involving automobiles and general lighting.


With led in the field of lighting development is maturing, the cost continues to drop, OLED has not been the main price war opportunities, the only breakthrough is the use of OLED is the surface of the light no blue damage and flexible folding advantages of higher-order design field, to avoid the positive cost-benefit of the LED battle.

As the current investment in OLED display scale is increasing, and lighting requirements for OLED relative to the display is low, the future OLED lighting take-off opportunities, will still be reflected in the use of OLED display synergy, optimized supply chain, the adoption of universal research and Development, And the use of partial depreciation of OLED display equipment to achieve lower OLED lighting investment costs.

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