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Why use LED car lighting?

Mar 02, 2018

LED car lighting is becoming increasingly popular, the conversion of halogen lamps to LED car manufacturers to improve night visibility, said Steve Lietaert, US president of the company.

Lietaert also said that led car lighting allows carmakers to integrate some exciting and unique features into the car, while also saving a lot of valuable energy.


LED lighting improvements include: the ability to direct light from the forward direction directly onto the road ahead, reduce glare to the oncoming vehicle driver, and even allow the car to change the light color to help other drivers see it better.

Power acceleration

Lietaert that led replacement halogen lamp is in progress, will accelerate at the end of next year. One of the main reasons is car power. A typical halogen headlight uses 55 watts of power to produce 350 lumens of light, while led headlamps use 17 watts to produce 600 lumens of light, Lietaert said.

By 2020, he predicts, halogen lights will disappear, mainly from the perspective of Automotive engineers, who do not want to waste 55 of Watts on headlamps. This is a "power struggle" for automobiles. And as more and more electric cars appear, they need to reduce the load.

In addition, he added, LEDs have had a good impact in the car. Car manufacturers now use LED car lights to allow customers to change the color of the lighting in the car according to their wishes. In addition, research and development are under way to improve audible warnings by using interior lighting to alert drivers of possible dangers.

LED-Car-Decoration-Interior-Atmosphere-Light-with-Ce-RoHS (1).jpg

Security aspects

According to Lietaert, LED headlamps have great potential to improve the safety of automobiles by improving the night vision. For example, Mercedes-Benz E-class headlamps using 84 LED light beads, can be opened and closed individually, thereby eliminating oncoming vehicles to reduce glare.

He also said the LED headlamp has a greater range of exposure. LEDs are also very durable compared to traditional light sources.

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