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The study found that lighting can reduce the crime rate of 39%

Mar 06, 2018

New York Police Bureau, New York Housing Authority, scientific research group Crime Lab and the Criminal Justice Office together designed a six month randomized controlled trial involving nearly 80 high crime rate public housing communities. In the experiment, about 1 and a half of the community installed new temporary street lights, and the other half did not.

The study found that the crime rate in the community with new street lamps was significantly lower than the community without new street lights.

The results show that raising the level of lighting can reduce the so-called crime index by 7%, and the crime index can be reduced by 39% at night.

The researchers said the survey showed that 2/3 of the residents were satisfied with the new lamps and lanterns.

Although there was not much research on the impact of lighting on crime, this study first used a strict randomized controlled trial (RCT) to measure the impact of street lighting on crime.

The results of the study have an impact on cities in New York and around the world. New York has proved that lighting has the potential to reduce crime and reduce the number of prison populations.

In recent years, the New York Police Bureau has carried out the innovation of police affairs. The results show that environmental design can not only affect crime, but also invest in natural environment changes such as new street lamps, which can increase public safety and help reduce crime in urban areas.

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