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Intelligentization will be one of the trends in commercial lighting in 2018

Mar 09, 2018

In 2017 the global economic recovery is weak, a new round of technological and industrial changes are creating a historic opportunity China. With the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy of industrial development is also facing new forms, intelligent, networking, sharing economy, new technology, new economy, new formats, to speed up the progress and application of LED lighting technology in the field of development.
With the continuous upgrading of technology and cost reduction, the competitiveness of Chinese LED lighting enterprises is increasing, and overseas customer orders are gradually tilting to the Chinese market. At present, the global LED manufacturing is showing a trend of shifting to the Chinese market.

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Although China's LED lighting enterprises are in a good period of national policy support and international economic recovery, but due to the acceleration of technology development and industrial integration, the domestic market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
Now, the general lighting market has been occupied, while the commercial lighting market larger profit margins became the lighting enterprises competing under a blue ocean. At the same time, with the LED general lighting market gradually stabilized, the efficiency of LED products is also rising, plus color tolerance (SDCM) significantly improved the ability to control and play the color of the LED manufacturers more optimistic about the high-end commercial lighting market.
As of now, OSRAM, PHILPS lighting, OPPLE lighting, three male Aurora, NVC, Tecnon lighting, nationstar optoelectronics and other domestic lighting manufacturers already have the layout.
Nationstar deputy general manager Dr. Li Cheng said, "the current high-end business according to the overall market growth rate faster, we obviously feel that the market in force. In the civilian LED lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and other major areas, commercial lighting is the market demand for a large application field, especially with the light efficiency, light color, light quality, the market will grow more quickly"

Of course, after nearly two years of continuous increase in the layout, the state star photoelectric in the field of commercial super lighting has achieved remarkable achievements.
According to the general manager of nationstar lighting division Xu Zhenfeng introduction, "super lighting there are two main parts of the market, is part of a new supermarket lighting project, the other part is the original supermarket lighting replacement project. After the adjustment and upgrading constantly, China Star Lighting in the" China Star "brand escort, relying on national coverage of the channel network, and gradually Yonghui supermarket, Renhe Spring, Tai Hing hypermarkets and other large supermarket chains to establish a cooperative relationship"
Mentioned business license, you have to say. Three male Aurora Mitsuo Aurora as a domestic commercial lighting leader, also has continued to increase R & D investment and improve the ability of fast response. It is understood that the auroral plan three years to complete the expansion of the R & D center upgrade project, to constantly improve the technological content of products and design novel and unique, in order to adapt to the the change of market demand.
At the beginning of 2018, auroral precipitation has long been the launch of high-end hotel lighting products - Platinum carved series. In order to meet the high-end hotel full range of lighting needs, "platinum moment" series also includes LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED strip, LED mirror lamp, LED underground.

In addition, Tecnon lighting commercial lighting market positioning, the overall scheme of illumination system design and manufacture distribution through-train service for customers. At present, the top five customers of the main Adidas Tecnon lighting (DE.ADSGn), bestseller fashion group (one of the largest European fashion group), Lee Lang (HK.01234), XTEP (HK.01368), Anta (HK.02020), La Natsu Bell (HK.06116).

Tecnon lighting board related personnel to put forward, "Tecnon lighting will seize the opportunity to actively expand in other segments, commercial lighting solution concept of plough in more areas of business"
In fact, professional commercial lighting is very strong, the lighting product durability, stability of clear requirements. At the same time, in the aesthetic design of lighting scene lighting environment, brightness adjustment, effectively save lighting costs and so on, have put forward higher requirements on the product.
LED light efficiency and improve the quality, demand for light also rose to another level, more and more attention to create a comfortable, light and healthy environment. Individual needs for different irradiation products to create different light effect, and even the light and the color of human nature with the wisdom of the system function.

LED industry veteran Tang Guoqing believes that "create good business environment, the role of lighting is often crucial. Only from the business perspective, how many ideas may bring much business. In other words, commercial lighting is a framework, what can be installed inside, such as stereo, 3D, display, projection, laser can all be together"
There is no denying that LED lamps are developing in two directions. One is intelligence and the other is customization. So is commercial lighting. It has been on the top of the intelligent business lighting.
As we all know, more emphasis on energy saving and social benefits in the field of commercial lighting, especially in commercial building lighting, lighting up to twelve hours a day, electricity consumption is very serious, so we can use intelligent control to achieve energy saving purposes.
At the same time, a large number of lighting demand will bring another combination of intelligent functions of commercial applications. For example, LED lamps with visible light communication technology, can achieve precise positioning function, help store products push services and other commercial applications. At present, commercial lighting is also in intelligent large-scale replacement.
Last year, the global leader of PHILPS lighting lighting for the Holland City downtown Eindhoven million appliances (MediaMarkt) flagship store has successfully launched the "shopping navigation application. The application based on the LED indoor positioning system and PHILPS lighting innovation, to help customers with the help of the intelligent mobile phone locating the position of goods and provide guidance services.

In addition, with the adoption of intelligent lighting and the Internet of things, the lighting characteristics such as color, intensity and time can be automatically adjusted to meet people's needs. We have to say that intellectualization will become one of the development trends of commercial lighting in 2018.

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