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Matsushita in China vegetable factory production will be increased to 3 times, the use of LED to adjust the amount of light

Mar 10, 2018

Panasonic began to run the vegetable plant in Suzhou since 2016 in the production of electronic components manufacturing equipment. In the future, the output will be raised to 3 times to the present, to reach 9 tons per month, to be formally put into production and to operate at a full load of 1000 square meters.

The price is estimated to be about 2~2.5 times that of local enterprises. Had been in Suzhou AEON Izumiya department store sales, future plans to sell to the local enterprises to broaden the shop, expand the Chinese sales, will also carry out business in other areas.

Panasonic vegetable factory using light emitting diode (LED) to adjust the amount of light. Ensure a certain temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, and grow vegetables rich in beta carotene and other nutrients throughout the year.

The processed salad will provide high nutritional value and safety, and will also be provided to restaurants and so on. Panasonic will also cooperate with local business enterprises. Not only sell vegetables, but also discuss related equipment for selling vegetable factories.

In China, because of the large number of use of pesticides and other problems, consumers' awareness of food safety has gradually increased. Therefore, the concern of vegetable factories is also increasing, and it has been built around 2010.

At first, the vegetable factory was positioned as a state-of-the-art display window for the government and enterprises, because the government subsidies were more and the companies were involved. The scale of vegetable factories has been gradually expanded. It is reported that even the size of the factories over Japan has reached 9000 square meters and a monthly output of 45 tons.

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