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The export Australia LED bulb and nightlight is compulsory certification

Mar 13, 2018

  Recently, the Australian / New Zealand Standard Bureau issued the revised standard A4:2017 for the standard fourth edition of the AS/NZS4417.2:2012 electronic and electrical product compliance mark. The revision extends the list of control products, redivides the safety level of some products, and updates the definition of part of the product. It is worth noting that this revision will be LED lamp, night light and other 6 categories of products added to the mandatory product certification scope. The standard, June 1, 2018, entered the Australian market LED bulb and Nightlight products must first apply for compulsory safety certification (SAA certification).

  It is reported that the SAA Standard Australia International Limited is the only standard certification body in Australia. Whether imported or locally assembled electrical products in Australia, before entering the Australian market, the first thing to do is to pass the Standard Australia International Limited certification. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products obtained from Australia can be successfully sold in New Zealand market. There are two main signs of SAA, one is form recognition, the other is standard sign. The form approval is only responsible for the sample, and the standard sign needs to be reviewed by the factory one by one. The expansion of the Australian security compulsory certification products will greatly increase the production and inspection costs of the enterprises. Once the product quality does not meet the standard requirements, the Australian market spot checks and notifications will cause the business to suffer economic losses.

  It is understood that the electric light source and lamps and lanterns are the key export products in Shaoxing area, involving more than 100 export enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 600 million US dollars. In recent years, the export cases of LED products exported to Shaoxing are increasing due to foreign technical barriers to trade. The reasons for the return are related to product certification, energy efficiency labeling, origin identification and so on. According to the new introduction of the new deal, Shaoxing inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the relevant export to Australia lighting production enterprises to pay more attention to the revision of the Australian Electrical and electronic products, the study of the new standard, good technical trade measures to cope with, be aware of; strengthen the self-control ability of product quality, quality management, good raw materials safety production and export customs inspection, the standard requirements of raw materials and spare parts; looking for a professional third party inspection and certification, according to the standards of the importing country for early detection checks, prepared in before the end of the transition period.

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