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Rural Revitalization up to the national strategic landscape lighting enterprises to usher in a new opportunity?

Mar 15, 2018

It can be said that "Rural Revitalization Strategy" is a major development and overall planning tool. Characteristic towns, rural complexes, beautiful countryside construction and poverty alleviation project are integrated under this strategy. Rural Revitalization Strategy is the nineteen largest tourism related strategy.
At present, the concept of rural landscape lighting planning and design is more and more important. Rural landscape lighting planning takes the rural natural landscape and the simple humanistic environment as the core, retaining the cultural characteristics of the rural areas, and rationally promoting the development of rural tourism economic value.

2018 government work report also pointed out that actively expand consumption and promote effective investment, create a global tourism demonstration area. "Global tourism" into the government work report for the first time in 2017, put forward to improve the tourism facilities and services, vigorously develop rural tourism, leisure, tourism is global. Broaden the development of ideas, innovative thinking mode, play the overall function to stimulate endogenous power.
While tourism as a multiple intensive industry, integration of forces is essential for.2018 years, the strength of the market, the enterprise will be in the creative design, channel innovation, mode, quality improvement, strengthen the effect of special customization and so on. As an important part of tourism construction, contact lighting and tourism industry more closely, development the tourism economy provides a broad market opportunity and growth for the lighting industry.
Engineering production and Research Institute (LED GGII) said, to benefit from the global various countries or regions to promote policy support, landscape lighting market size continues to increase, in 2017 the global landscape lighting market will reach 275 billion yuan, of which Chinese market reached 68 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 22%, Chinese landscape lighting has become the world's largest market.
With the future of urbanization continues, I believe the next few years, whether it is first-tier cities, or two, three line city, landscape lighting market demand will continue to grow rapidly. Especially the countries involved in the PPP city public lighting mode, policy efforts still tourism landscape transformation and smart city construction on the increase and the rapid development of the real estate landscape lighting market, high-speed rail along the city of culture and tourism of city landscape lighting attention strengthen, multiple positive factors to promote the landscape lighting market demand continued to grow rapidly.

GGII is expected in 2018 Chinese landscape lighting market will reach 78 billion yuan, the growth rate is about 15%. Due to the sustained volume of landscape lighting market, lighting up like Kim, QianBaiHui, uomnilamp, lighting and other lighting engineering enterprises have given the large lighting engineering reconstruction project, and get a higher influence in the industry.
The evening of January 3rd, alto electronic publishing the announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of QianBaiHui was recognized as "Xi'an Chanba ecological landscape lighting upgrade project (EPC) project bid. The project bid amount of RMB 99 million yuan;
In January 12th, thousand Hui became the main contractor of the "beautiful Qingdao action" along the important road lighting upgrading project (Hongkong Road, Donghai Road, Macao Road). The winning price of the four tenders is 188 million yuan.
If the winning project finally signed a formal contract and can be performed smoothly, is expected to have a positive impact on the Alto electronic 2018 annual operating results. And will improve QianBaiHui's influence in the industry to further promote the development of wisdom, alto electronics in the lighting sector.
While the other major lighting engineering enterprise - JINDA lighting, in recent years has completed the most famous night project: The Belt and Road summit, the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Xiamen, the BRICs meeting, the first light show, create or participate in the construction of Kunming, Leshan, Shangrao, Chifeng, Xi'an, Ningbo, Gejiu, Moutai Hanzhoung, throughout the night project.
Of course, as the largest domestic lighting enterprises in Riyadh, lighting business revenue and profits doubled, Riyadh will also boost the "happy city" strategy fully implemented.

To be sure, Chinese economic growth and city urbanization is a long-term driving force for the development of lighting industry. Multiple positive short bursts of power industry, infrastructure construction, city tour economy, feature of the town, The Belt and Road, development of PPP is to push the rapid growth of the industry. What's more, Chinese city night scene ascension, night economy is just the beginning, can expect the industry will last for more than five years growth spurt.
Health Science & Technology General Manager Xin Mingfeng said: "landscape lighting can form a unique style and features of city, local governments are more concerned about the development of city landscape lighting, and has introduced the reformation project of landscape lighting, brings more opportunities for LED lighting enterprises. Health Science & technology professional high-power outdoor waterproof power supply. Very optimistic about the prospects for the development of landscape lighting market"
However, a large number of lighting engineering industry enterprises, has a double qualified enterprises more than 20, landscape lighting enterprises are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Beijing. The industry concentration is low, competition is more intense, has not yet formed a nationwide influential enterprises, but in the economic circle are leading companies with high market share.
I have to say, due to the low concentration in the industry, the large number of enterprises, the uneven business qualifications and other reasons will cause the market competition is increasing. It can be predicted that the lighting industry will inevitably have a new round of integration, and the situation of "survival of the fittest" will also become more prominent.

Therefore, before the advent of a new round of consolidation, the landscape lighting engineering enterprises began to create a new market segment and become the first to do. Especially since the proposed "smart city" concept, a new generation of information technology with intelligent features in transportation, energy, intelligence and practice application of green city the development has been gradually emerging. Intelligent control technology makes the city life lighting to achieve "wisdom" and "green" state.
With the landscape lighting of "wisdom", "green" required to enhance the demand for intelligent power outdoor lighting engineering has gradually increased. In order to cope with the demand for intelligent outdoor lighting applications, Health Science & Technology in 2017 put into research and development of smart power supply constant power such as a variety of new products, and achieved a major breakthrough in the existing technology.
It is believed that with the joint efforts of many driving enterprises, lighting enterprises and lighting engineering enterprises, the intellectualized and green era of China's landscape lighting market will usher in a new future.

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