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Station LED plant plant output will increase to 3 thousand tonnes this year

Mar 19, 2018

LED factory turned into plant factory gradually to see the results, due to the high latitude region market into plant factory proportion, Taiwan factory last year with crystal power are all with the relevant orders add profit, Taiwan factory invested factory application plant contains Delta, exhibition etc.. Photoelectric Association (PIDA) is expected this year in Taiwan to increase production to 3000 tonnes.

PIDA said that the current global development area mainly contains plant workshop facilities in Japan and Taiwan, South Korea, mainland China, the United States, France, Europe; because of consumer demand for health and food safety, and the impacts of climate instability vegetable prices and supply instability and other factors, the completely artificial light type plant factory concern. From small scale to private enterprises, the cultivation of scale economy can provide good conditions for functional and medicinal crops, and stimulate market activity.Since the 2010 Taipei Flower Expo shows the development of plant walls and related plants, plant cultivation has attracted much attention. It is the first thing to be interested in this topic. Most of them are LED manufacturers, hoping that LED can be applied to the demand of plant lamps and activate the industrial market. PIDA said that according to the industrial survey results, the annual output of all Taiwan plant farms is 2500 metric tons under the condition of full capacity production. It is estimated that this year will exceed 3000 tons annual output.

PIDA said that in addition to cultivating seedlings with high difficulty, the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine, functional crops and special vanilla plants will be the opportunities and development priorities of future plant works.

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