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OLED supply exceeds demand, is the large size panel Market in Mini LED affected?

Mar 20, 2018

First, from the penetration of the OLED in the smart phone panel and the TV panel. According to dramexchange photoelectric research consulting (WitsView) statistics, OLED in intelligent mobile phone panel penetration rate in 2017 reached 25%, in contrast, in the TV panel from the penetration of only 0.7% of the market share, if the market share into television number, about 1 million 500 thousand units, while the 2017 global TV shipments is as high as 210 million.

In the TV market, OLED small amount to even become threats to newcomer Mini LED, especially OLED in the main supply of the TV market size is 55 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches, and only the supply of high-end models, the Mini LED, OLED will let out a big piece of the market for Mini LED work.

In addition, the production of large size OLED still faces the problem of yield. At present, no significant progress has been made yet. It is not only the resolution that cannot continue to improve, but also the OLED yield. And that's why, even if Mini LED and OLED compete in the market, OLED's threat to Mini LED will be limited.

In view of the advantage of Mini LED in the TV backlight market, with the enlargement of TV size, the difficulty and cost of increasing the number of Mini LED is far less than the difficulty of OLED amplification. From the specifications, Mini LED Direct TV may not be lighter than OLED TV, but from the color contrast and saturation, the performance of Mini LED is equal to that of OLED.

In addition to the television market, the market for pen and display also brings business opportunities to Mini LEDLaptop and display market is not OLED ink market, it also brings opportunities for Mini LED. OLED does not pay much attention to the main causes of these two markets, except that OLED technology is not suitable for use in addition, cost and profit are more important factors. At present the pen electric price, the price of high order laptop with high order intelligent mobile phone price is almost insignificant, but the sum power required to screen size is much larger, and the product life cycle, the life cycle of the electric pen is longer, OLED manufacturers certainly would not choose the laptop market.

But if from the point of view of Mini LED technology, it is different from OLED. In the application of pen electric and display backlight, Mini LED already can achieve cost competitive level through a reduction in number, with Mini LED can control the cost advantage, not only can enter the general display and the netbook market, can compete with OLED in the gaming market and laptop display.

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