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Change another move! OSRAM's acquisition of the Baxter Electronics

Mar 21, 2018

At the same time, the two sides reached unanimous agreement and signed a strategic 5 - year supply contract containing the minimum sales volume. The contract provides for the components used by OSRAM to Trilux in the lamps and lanterns. The Baxter Electronic Co Ltd is a innovative lighting scheme to provide LED modules and software suppliers to solve, with its headquarters located in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia A Byrness Begg administrative region. It is reported that bag electronics in 2017 achieved revenues of about 50 million euros.

Wilhelm Nehring, chief executive officer of OSRAM digital lighting system division, said that the acquisition improved the product mix of OSRAM's first class electronic ballasts, which is in line with OSRAM's vision of high-tech transformation enterprises.

According to reports, the Baxter focus on manufacturing LED lighting system, as well as for people-oriented lighting (HCL) innovative controller. This kind of biological effective light can simulate the natural change of sunlight, and bring illumination to the staff and workers in office buildings and industrial buildings.

Baxter electronic total of more than 380 employees, 40 of whom work in germany. After the completion of the acquisition, all employees of the Baxter electronics incorporated into the OSRAM group.

OSRAM said the acquisition was another move for OSRAM to realize the transformation of high-tech enterprises. The acquisition of Baxter Electronics Limited company, not only to expand the OSRAM digital lighting systems division (Digital Systems) product portfolio, OSRAM also increased in Germany and Asia sales and distribution channels. In addition, the production base in Philippines is highly competitive and also offers more opportunities for OSRAM to expand its Asian market share.

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