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Intelligent power plant growth, Xinjiang high tech plants sown in the pepper grown

Mar 24, 2018

Here in a string of grown tomatoes were from green to red, there in a branch of pepper had grown to about 20 cm, waiting for the harvest.
In March 7th, is located in Urumqi high tech Zone (new city) North Industrial Park of Xinjiang high tech plant factory, the first batch of planting pepper has grown, waiting for the picking.
"Now can pepper picking tomatoes, half a month has turned red, the first batch of vegetable planting we finally have matured." high tech Zone (new city) Chief Investment Service Bureau Zhang Dawen said.

It is understood that the plant factory insulation performance is much higher than ordinary greenhouses, also equipped with a full set of intelligent lighting plant, ventilation equipment, can be a year of uninterrupted production.
Zhang Dawen introduced that the plant factory used soilless culture technology. All vegetables were planted on the substrate, and the growth of ecological water and fertilizer transported by drip irrigation was achieved. The area of each plant factory is 1000 square meters, and the annual output of vegetables is 100 tons.

"Our plant factory is a biological pest control, in addition to the layout of the stick insect in films can also use ultraviolet natural pest control, do not use any pesticides, in such conditions, the production of pollution-free vegetables are green, can be eaten directly." Zhang Dawen said.
Zhang Dawen said that the technical experiment after the success of the standardized production, finished products tailored for farmers and create the greenhouse vegetables, Urumqi, Xinjiang and Central Asia, Russia and other areas of health, safety, quality of "food basket" project, leading farmers to go on the road of modern agricultural production.

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