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Professor Oxford: it is too early to realize the lighting of people.

Mar 29, 2018

He said, "we can not develop human lighting now, until we know what kind of influence the light has on human biology during the day and night replacement."

At present, the manufacturer has not developed a standard lighting formula. He told the audience a bluntly, "we don't know at all."

In the light of the day and night, there are many variables and unknown factors, and a general lighting system can not be developed at present. For example, people have different types, some are "lark", "Owl", some are light and have different effect on each group.

Russell Foster's speech has caused a great deal in the industry. After all, the lighting industry has been keen to commercialize the concept of "human lighting". Many lighting manufacturers have already invested in the field, and the so-called "people-oriented lighting system" is on display at the exhibition.Russell Foster is a neuroscientist. In 1991, he led the R & D team to discover third photosensitive cells in the eyes, the intrinsic photosensitive retinal ganglion cells.

These cells are sensitive to blue light in the 480nm range, which is the key to control the circadian rhythm of human beings. When the amount of 480nm blue light drops to a certain level, the pine cone can secrete a hormone called melatonin, which regulates physiological clock and helps to sleep.This discovery has changed people's understanding and understanding of light. This discovery has brought opportunities for the lighting industry to create a more coordinated lighting system. As a result, there was later "human lighting".

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