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Audi headlights use the new OSRAM LED, A8 new flagship first use

Apr 11, 2018

It is reported that the headlights of Audi's new flagship A8 will first use OSRAM's Oslon Compact PL product for the first time. This LED as a new member of the OSRAM automotive product portfolio, at the end of 2017 the market, can be used for adaptive non glare headlamp, daytime driving lights, headlights and headlight standard.

This time, a major innovation in the high-definition matrix of Audi A8's new flagship is the first time to divide Oslon Compact PL LED into two rows. In this way, other road users will be more accurately obscured by the beam and will not have a glare.

It is reported that Oslon Compact PL uses thermoelectric separation technology, through the use of appropriate PCB technology, significantly improve the thermal connection, even in high current environment can also run, and achieve higher optical output. At the same time, using the technology of no angle chip, it has excellent thermal conductivity.

Peter Knittl, general manager of OSRAM photoelectric semiconductor department, said, "we are very proud that our products can be installed on the headlights of this luxury car to help improve safety and comfort. Thanks to the new LED, these lights can now be more accurately adapted to complex traffic conditions. In the best way to illuminate the surrounding area, and not let other road users glare. In the new Audi A8, engineering technology and high-tech LED technology converge together to create the greatest customer interest. "

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