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The plant plant is expected to invest in 160 million smart farms in Britain

Apr 13, 2018

The British Ministry of international trade and investment minister Graham Stuart yesterday (10) day went to the farm endorsement, and announced that Taiwan Handian food will invest 3 million 500 thousand pounds (about 31 million 180 thousand yuan), in the British Open Chain restaurant.

Graham Stuart and Taoyuan mayor Zheng Wencan, chairman Cai Wenqing attended the source of fresh investment in the press conference, Cai Wenqing said that the British investment, he said, the British high consumption capacity assessment of fresh source, consumption is big, the British people love to eat lettuce salad, so to make investment overseas for the first British station, want fresh products like British history source the same day in the sun "sun".

Graham Stuart source of fresh farm also visit the scene to try to eat fresh vegetables, he said, the source of fresh investment in British Yorkshire 18 million pounds 14 planes vertical indoor farming park, is walking in front of the agricultural sector, especially has a high efficiency vertical farming park, proud of the product without pesticide, metals, Escherichia coli contamination, is the future agriculture model.

Zheng Wencan said that the source of fresh vegetable production in high yield, no pesticide residue, potassium carbonate, Britain is the European Investment Board, the source of fresh decided to invest in the UK, encourage Taiwan area enterprises choose to invest in the UK, Taoyuan and London Greenwich city to discuss the wisdom of the city agreement, no car technology, hope in the future to promote more exchanges.

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