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To attack the field of vehicle lighting, Yi Guang released the new 3D taillight.

Apr 21, 2018

LED lighting price competition pressure is not diminished, 100 million light into the single robust car market, Taipei international car 5 joint exhibition, exhibition of the latest 3D car taillights, this year, the car products maintain two digit percentage growth space, lock vehicle product production capacity utilization ratio of about 7-8 percent, dashboard application is expected to be expected to be Cut off. It is about 5 years planned for 5 years, which covers lighting, dashboard, headlights, brake lights and so on. The car factory has a headlight and brake light. The production base must be strictly certified. The production base must be a whole plant system and can not be dispersed in different bases. The investment brass factory is produced at the end of 2016, with the capacity gradually opened. The proportion of products continued to rise from the percentage of single digit, and infrared products became the two main product line this year.

The new 3D car with the tail light is developed with special optical structure design with the geometric position distribution, which can change the original LED light angle and achieve the presentation of different 3D display effects. It is different from the traditional taillight direct firing monochrome effect. Compared with the OLED 3D taillight, it has more environmental tolerance and cost advantages, which is in line with ECE R6, R7. Laws and regulations.

In the past year, the price of backlighting and lighting products is still in the fall, and the post tax surplus of last year is 1 billion 245 million yuan (Note: NT dollar, the same), the annual reduction rate is 31.06%, the earnings per share is 2.74 yuan, which is a new low of nearly five years, with a share of 3 yuan per share, and the first quarter revenue of 6 billion 268 million yuan and the annual reduction rate of 6.66%.

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