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Transformation will be effective. Bai Hong will continue to increase the proportion of niche products such as LED.

Apr 21, 2018

Last year's LED cabin lighting module order volume, the proportion of revenue rose to about 5%, plus IR LED in printers, cleaning robots and other related applications to nearly 40%, last year after tax pure benefits to 210 million yuan (NTD, the same), annual growth of 18.6%, a share of 1.12 yuan per share, the best profit for nearly seven years.

In the aviation market, the SMD module has entered the Boeing 737 model engine room lighting supply chain. Last year, the same model would be obviously operated by the same model. This year the company will begin to supply the second models, and the shipment will continue to increase in the second half of the year.

The gross interest rate of the air market is relatively high, which is an important reason for the promotion of Hong Kong's interest rate in the last two years.

In the car market, at present, Bai Hong mainly shipments in the market, through dealers in Europe and the United States market, in the past two years, the same continuous amplification of shipments, is also an important push to improve the gross interest rate.

The legal person pointed out that in recent years, the major LED factories have actively found the suitable transformation direction. After gradually withdrawing from the lighting market, Bai Hong locks into the highest threshold of the air market and the market of quite large market. By nearly two years of performance and gross margin trend, we can see that Bai Hong's transformation results have been clearly shown this year.

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