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Emission standards for semiconductor lighting and systems

Apr 24, 2018

A few days ago, the State Quality Inspection Bureau and the state standards committee approved and issued the national standard for the light radiation safety testing method for semiconductor lighting equipment and systems. The standard is based on the light environment built by the lighting equipment and system, and the light radiation safety of the scene lighting environment is put forward in view of the actual use of the lighting environment. Classification, measurement and evaluation methods.

With the rapid development of LED technology, it has been widely applied in the fields of general lighting and display. However, because of the inconsistency and disharmony between the LED and other modern lighting sources, such as the harm of blue light, it poses a new threat to human health. The visual health of lighting products has gradually become the focus of attention of the current people.

The introduction of the standard provides a basis for the design of lighting environment, provides a test basis for the field measurement and evaluation of light radiation safety in the lighting environment, provides data basis for the acceptance and rectification of lighting engineering, and provides security for the user to use the lighting environment safely.

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