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OSRAM launches new IR LED to identify license plates faster and more accurately

Apr 25, 2018

Recently, in the high-power infrared LED product line, a new SFH 4703AS infrared transmitter was launched, with a wavelength of 810 nm. The new infrared LED enhanced image contrast improves the performance of the monitoring and image sensing system, for example, on the license plate identification, high in the daytime and night. In addition, as the image sensor is more sensitive, compared with a camera with a wavelength of 850 nanometers of infrared LED, the visibility of the LED lamp is greater than that of the lumen output of the lamp.

High image contrast favor analysis

In general, 850 nm and 940 nm infrared LED cameras or cameras usually do not produce high contrast images when identifying certain colors. OSRAM's SFH 4703AS infrared LED improves this disadvantage, so it is especially suitable for applications that require excellent image contrast, such as automatic license plate identification system installed at the entrance of a toll station or a parking lot. Because of the contrast of the infrared LED enhanced image, the system can identify the license plate more quickly and accurately, and reduce the waiting time of driving. In addition, this product can also be applied to traffic monitoring system and closed-circuit television monitoring system CCTV.

The same optical output sight distance is larger

Another advantage of the new infrared LED is its high spectral sensitivity. When using the same lumen output light source, the distance of 810 nm infrared LED is much better than that of the traditional 850 nm or 940 nm sensors. If we want to maintain the same distance, the new infrared LED can reduce the number of components in design. However, it must be noted that the infrared rays seen by the general eye are mild red light sources, while the 810 nm infrared light is stronger than the 850 nanometer energy.

How about the new IR LED optical performance?

OSRAM has launched a 810 nm infrared LED for mobile device iris sensors. The SFH 4703AS is a highly efficient chip with nano stacking technology and stacked on Oslon lighting packaging products. In a ampere current, the transmitter produces a watt of light power; a positive and negative 45 degree emission angle provides a wider range of illumination. At one ampere current, the radiation intensity is 630 milliwatts per sphere (mW/sr). The product size is 3.85 x 3.85 mm, and the lens height is 2.29 mm.

After adding this new product, OSRAM currently has three compatible infrared wavelengths with different wavelengths. LED These products can be combined in a single lighting device or used to change the spectral range of existing systems, but do not require redesign specifications (pin to pin).

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