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Taiwan Institute of technology, car factory to develop OLED taillights, to seize niche market

May 08, 2018

In the lighting exhibition, Taiwan Institute of Engineering exhibits technologies such as "Flexible OLED Technology (flexible OLED") "," light health vigour cabin "," intelligent LED lighting for failure return "and" OLED vehicle advanced environmental lighting plan ", in order to create a new generation of lighting environment.

Hu Jiping, deputy director of the Institute of electronics and Optoelectronic Systems Research Institute of Taiwan Institute of engineering, said that the design capability of the Institute, with the customer demand, and the whole line volume of the cost problem to the test and measure production scheme, successfully introduced the high order FOLED new product to overcome the soft substrate transmission, volume to volume integration and softness of the volume to volume process. Light source system design and other difficult issues, greatly reducing the current manufacturing process and cost, is expected to reach 50 thousand units by the end of this year's capacity.

Chen Zhiwei, deputy leader of the research and development of the electronic and optoelectronic soft Electronics Group, said that "OLED vehicle advanced environmental vehicle lamp plan" is a joint research and development plan by the industry institute, Emperor Bao and Jing Chang electronics. It provides OLED materials, process technology and lamp products by the Institute of industrial research. The latest generation of OLED taillights has been developed by vehicle circuit design.

Chen Zhiwei said, OLED car taillights are lamp, can save light guide plate, simple combination, not only light weight, and light and short, light, can save the size thickness of the taillight, the space of the trunk can be increased invisibly.

He stressed that in the overall process of the OLED taillight, China's Taiwan manufacturers have been able to supply about 5 percent of the material and 8 of the production equipment, so the Institute has set up a demonstration line in the hospital. It is to encourage the related manufacturers to invest in the production line. It is estimated that in 2020, more and more large type of car factories will use this kind of taillights to take off as soon as possible. Niche market.

Also today, the Institute of industrial research also exhibited a self developed FOLED soft board technology, with a weight of only 10.7 grams and a thickness less than 0.5 millimeters (mm). The flexible and light features can make OLED more widely used in the future, and show the lighting art of the palm tree on the spot.

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