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Continuous efforts of blue and green LED chips, lighting, lighting and lighting will become the top three in China.

May 08, 2018

LED lighting market penetration is expected to continue to improve, small spacing LED display will also maintain a high growth rate, Mini LED/Micro LED is expected to open the growth of LED space, downstream application areas of multiple blooming, the demand for LED chips is expected to maintain a high growth rate.

LED Research Institute (GGII) of high Industry Research Institute (LED) predicts that 2018-2019 years, China's LED chip enterprises will continue to expand production, which is expected to account for more than 50% of China's mainland output value in 2019.

Recently, China and Microsoft signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanchang, and plan to create a medium and micro scale in Nanchang. In the same period, China also signed a total of more than two hundred MOCVD equipment sales contracts with mega semiconductor, dry photo optoelectronic, polyopto, de house, and sham Ming core.

It is worth noting that the two hundred MOCVD contracts mean that in the next two years China's market is at least 2 inches of about 3000000 slices / month's incremental capacity, and the LED chip industry's armament expansion has become a final decision.

As the leader of the domestic LED chip factory, Qian Zhao photoelectric has invested heavily in expanding production in 2017. Among them, the production of 20 four yuan chips for production is MOCVD. In addition, the plan will invest 5 billion in two phases and build a new LED chip plant in Nanchang, with a capacity of 600 thousand units per month.

It is noteworthy that in the past two years, dry lighting has been continuously developing in the field of blue and green LED chips. Up to now, the MOCVD has 55 cavities (folded K465I models), and has grown into an important supplier of blue green LED chips in the industry.

According to the financial report of 2017, the blue green chip and the epitaxial film are planned to produce 4 million 200 thousand pieces of capacity in 2017, with the actual production of 3 million 926 thousand pieces, and the productivity utilization rate of 93.48%. In addition, the production capacity is up to 7 million 200 thousand.

A few days ago, the director of photoelectric related photoelectricity disclosed in the investor activity, "the photoelectricity blue and green light in building 7 million 200 thousand production capacity is expected to release gradually by the end of 2018, now the backbone personnel have been basically in place, the project is pushing forward. Wait until the target of capacity is reached, and strive to enter the top three position in the domestic blue and green market.

Now, who is the top three LED blue and Green Chip in China?

According to the Research Institute of LED Research Institute of high industry and industry research, the top three chip manufacturers of LED blue and Green Chip in China are three security optoelectronic, hucan optoelectronic and Shunchang.

Among them, the blue and green LED chip of the San an photoelectric has reached 3 million pieces per month, and it is the first in the domestic market. Huaxan photoelectric blue and green LED chip is also far behind. Its capacity reaches 1 million 600 thousand pieces per month, ranking second in the domestic market. In the third place, Shunchang's LED chip capacity increased rapidly from 200 thousand to 1 million in 2017.

At the same time, San an photoelectric, huaxan photoelectric and Shunchang ocean are expanding. At the end of last year, the three an photoelectric big hand put into 33 billion 300 million for semiconductor project expansion, it is sure that after the release of production capacity, the three an optoelectronic chip capacity will be further improved.

On the part of the blue and green LED chip of hucan optoelectronic, Gao Gong LED found that the 2017 hucan optoelectronic LED blue light chip is expected to be 290 thousand KK/ years, the actual production is 270 thousand KK/ years, the productivity utilization is 93.41%, the LED green light chip is expected to produce the capacity of 180 thousand KK/ years, the actual production is 170 thousand KK/ years, the production capacity utilization rate is 94.84%.

In addition, due to the construction of the new plant in Yiwu in 2017, the capacity of the expansion is still in the process of release, and the construction capacity is released at the end of the first quarter of 2018.

And Shunchang in April 25th in the interactive platform also said that the company's 400 thousand / month production capacity of MOCVD equipment has gradually begun to enter the factory installation, not affected by other events, according to the progress of the company's progress, the company's Graphite disk supply is good.

It has to be said that Qian Zhao optoelectronics wants to succeed in the top three position of the blue and green LED chip. Qian Zhao photoelectric said that the future blue and green chips will follow the scale and expand the scale of production. At the same time, the industry of LED chip manufacturing is of obvious scale effect. The larger the scale, the lower the cost and the stronger bargaining power. In the future competition among manufacturers, scale has become an important bargaining chip.

In general, the dry photo optoelectronic follow-up will firmly carry out the expansion of the project, not only in the blue and green light chip part of the top three, but also strive to become the top three manufacturers of LED chip industry.

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