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Another big US factory announces a rise in the price of lighting products

May 19, 2018

The Eaton lighting division will increase the price of legacy technology products and select LED and controls products.

The average increase is 6%, depending on the product type. Products with relatively high metal content may increase by more than 6%.

Eaton lighting said that this adjustment will begin in July 16th this year. He also said that Eaton lighting has the right to change the implementation time and the price increase due to the continuous changes in the material market and government regulations.

A few days ago, another US company, Acuity Brands, announced that the price of all traditional lighting products and a variety of LED products will rise by 6% in June 11th from the US.

For a rise in the price of Acuity, a British manufacturer said it could be seen as a "turning point" in the downward trend over the years. Media Lux said, "Acuity's bold statement this week will be emulated by other brands.

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