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OSRAM inject Canadian Motorleaf, then plant plant lighting

May 19, 2018

OSRAM has acquired the Fluence company in the United States, and through the injection of Motorleaf, it will further promote the layout of intelligent agriculture.

Motorleaf has developed an industry-leading software and hardware solution to provide services for indoor farms and greenhouses around the world. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Motorleaf can make vegetable production more efficient, predictable, more repeatable and more profitable.

Ulrich Eisele, executive director of Fluxunit, said: "we believe that advanced data analysis technology has great potential to optimize the predictability and productivity of commercial and indoor farm production."

In the field of plant lighting applications, OSRAM has developed a special lighting system solution that can effectively stimulate and manage plant growth in greenhouse and indoor farm environments. Under the conditions of overall environmental growth, adjusting light according to the specific needs and characteristics of plants will have a great impact on the actual yield and quality of plants.

Based on the leading data analysis technology, Motorleaf has released the world's first artificial intelligence output prediction function for commercial greenhouse use, which has successfully reduced the error rate of the greenhouse forecast by nearly 50%. Motorleaf now participates in more greenhouse projects in North America and Europe. Using AI technology, Motorleaf's solution also has the function of intelligent harvest prediction.

The combination of OSRAM and Motorleaf has created more favorable conditions for intelligent agriculture and promoted the transformation of agriculture towards modernization and intellectualization. In the future, it will also bring more benefits to crop production.

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