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Make the best, make OPPLE 2 billion 580 million.

Jun 08, 2018

In June 6th, OPPLE lighting issued two announcements to attract industry attention.

The announcement of OPPLE lighting will be estimated to be about 2 billion 580 million yuan with its own and self financing funds. It will invest in the construction of the regional headquarters project of the big bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The contents include manufacturing, warehousing, R & D, and so on. At the same time, item company will be set up to take charge of the implementation of this investment project.

OPPLE lighting said that the investment and construction of OPPLE lighting, Hong Kong, Hongkong, Macao and Da Wan district headquarters project will help to achieve the strategic goal of "becoming the leading domestic, international first-class lighting system and integrated home integrated solution service provider". Through the implementation of the project, the company can continue to build the industry's leading intelligent manufacturing capacity, and expand the company's competitive advantages in lighting, integrated home and other fields.

OPPLE lighting, founded in 1996, is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating the development, production and sales of home lighting, electrical and electrical appliances, kitchen and toilet ceiling and commercial lighting. Business covers LED and traditional light sources, lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom ceiling and other fields. After twenty-two years of cultivation, OPPLE has opened up a "territory" of its own in the field of lighting, and has a more mature management channel and R & D strength.

It is understood that OPPLE lighting current capacity is relatively saturated, but the company firmly believes that the market share will continue to expand in the future. Because of its confidence in the company's future, OPPLE lighting plans ahead of schedule for the next 3-5 years, laying the foundation for future expansion.

Of course, OPPLE lighting is constantly emerging at the technical level: last year, OPPLE lighting built an independent IOT platform for intelligent control, developed intelligent home ecosystem based on intelligent lighting on this platform, and actively sought to cooperate with the Tencent with intelligent voice as a breakthrough point through OPPLE. The small and micro intelligent voice box controls the whole house scene lighting system, enabling users to realize the consumption experience from single lamp control to the smart home of the whole house. A series of big moves also showed signs of success. Last year, OPPLE achieved 6 billion 957 million yuan in business revenue, up 27.03% over the same period last year.

On the same day, OPPLE lighting also issued another announcement that the company's board decided to terminate 100% of the sale of Shang long lighting since the company has not yet found a suitable trading partner. This also means that after more than a year of promotion, OPPLE lighting sale of Shanghai Shang Long Lighting Co., Ltd. equity matters finally ended up frustrated.

According to the bill passed in April 14, 2017, in order to further comb and integrate the core business of the company and realize the long-term stable development of the company, the company decided to sell the 100% shares of the wholly owned subsidiary, which is expected to be less than 300 million yuan, and the total income expected to be generated by the transfer is not more than 200 million yuan.

Although the transfer of equity is terminated, there is no harm to the interests of the company and the small and medium shareholders, and it will not affect the company's business, the company's business, and the financial situation. OPPLE lighting said that, as of now, the company has not signed any agreement on the transfer of equity, so the termination of this stock transfer transaction will not lead to any liability for the company, no impact on the company's development strategy, production and operation and so on, nor to the current profit and loss of the company and the shareholders' rights and interests. Great influence.

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