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Jun 13, 2018

What is waterproof tube light ?

Waterproof lamp using LED light source, long life, low power consumption, durable, waterproof lamp body structure using stainless steel screws, fill the excellent performance of sealant, waterproof outer layer using silicone collar for a horse, double deck waterproof, protection grade up to IP67., can meet the general outdoor, the requirements of the freezer.It can be used in farm, vegetable shed, chicken house, washing station, food factory, refrigerator, ice box, billboard lighting, refrigerator/freezer, freezer, meat cooler, etc;

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Waterproof lamp is dedicated to research and development production of damp cold environment segment tubes, its level in the ip65, waterproof principle mainly two kinds, one is waterproof lamp two glue sealing isolation from the outside air, so as to resist the invasion of damp;Second, the structure is waterproof, through the integrated design and the whole body of the lamp to achieve the closure of the lamp seal water vapor.

The waterproof technology of lamps and lanterns is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproof and material waterproof.Structure waterproof is so called structure waterproof, it is in the product each structure component combination, already had waterproof function.And material is waterproof, it is product design, the position that sets apart to fill glue seal close electric element, use glue material to realize waterproof when assemble.Based on the structure of the waterproof design of lamps and lanterns, need to close the silicone seal waterproof, more precise and complex shell structure, usually applies to the lamps and lanterns of big size, such as floodlight, square and round bar, high-power lamps and lanterns in the project-light lamp, etc.Materials waterproof material waterproof design of lamps and lanterns, fill the pouring sealant is used to waterproof insulation, the use of joint between the sealing adhesive sealing structure, make the electric parts are airtight, reach the role of waterproof lamps and lanterns.

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Waterproof T8/T5 led tube light parameter:

    Product Brand: Luxsky Lighting

    Product Model: LS-11-LLF-T8-06-IP65;LS-11-LLF-T8-12-IP65

    Lengths of tubes: 600mm, 1200mm,1500mm

    Power: 8W/12W/15W/18W/22W

    Input Voltage: DC12V/24V solution ( driver outside)

    Input Voltage: 100-240VAC solution ( driver inner)  

    LED Brand: 2835 high bright SMD with Epistar,San'an Chips.

    Color: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K;

    IP rate: IP65; IP67

    Warranty: 3 years

    Certificates: CE& RoHs


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      Application of Waterproof T8 LED Tubes:

      LED Waterproof T8 Tube Lights are mostly used in commercial lighting, to meet clients special lighting projects:

      1.Supermarkets&shops Freezers, Stockrooms for fresh goods.

      2.Car-wash ships or stations;

      3.Outdoor passageways;

      4.Aquariums; Farm for pigs&chikens.

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