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The small town of Dezhou will transform the street lights and replace it with LED.

Jul 10, 2018

The City Council approved the $2 million 800 thousand project. At present, at least 2490 road lighting devices have been switched to LED, which plans to upgrade the remaining 5727 high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and mercury vapor road lamps to LED.

Ameresco is a company that has been working in the city. It estimates that the new lights can save about 2 million 800 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity per annum. In addition, Eaton Corp lighting branch Cooper lighting provides 10 years warranty, which is expected to save maintenance costs. Ameresco and the city estimated that the project could be completed within four to five months.

Cooper Lighting estimated the life expectancy of LED street lamps according to the current utilization rate, about 20 years. Overall, the city expects that the project will eventually recover costs through savings. The cost saved will be used for future upgrades.

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