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High Power LED Mast Flood Lights

Jul 20, 2018

    High Power LED Mast Flood Lights Series:

    LED Mast  Flood Lights 1000W.jpgLED Mast  Flood Lights.jpgLED Mast  Flood Lights 1000W.jpg

    LS-09-FL- High Power series are the flood lights which improve the power of lights to 400W, 600W, 800W,1000W, even up to 3000W. By this solution and mold design, the purpose is to meet the high requirement that our client need more powerful and brightness for their lighting project. They are mainly used in the large lighting projects outdoor. High lighting efficency 130-150lm/W,High waterproof IP65 rate,Philips 3030 SMD,Meanwell Outdoor LED driver, model design for power reduce and plus easily, steady quality and reasonable price, they are our advantages for LED mast flood lights manufacture.

    Specification of High Power LED Mast Flood Lights

    ItemLED Mast Light 400WLED Mast Light 600WLED Mast Light 800WLED Mast Light 1000W
    Part NO.LS-09-FL-400WLS-09-FL-600WLS-09-FL-800WLS-09-FL-1000W
    Color Temp.3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/RGBW3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/RGBW3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/RGBW3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/RGBW
    LED SourcePhilips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030Philips 3030
    Power SupplyMeanwell IP65, ULMeanwell IP65, ULMeanwell IP65, ULMeanwell IP65, UL
    Lighting Efficency130-150lm/W130-150lm/W130-150lm/W130-140lm/W
    Light-Cup angle40°/60°/90° available40°/60°/90° available40°/60°/90° available40°/60°/90° available
    Body Materials

    6063 Aluminum 

    6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 
    Body ColorBlack/Silver/WhiteBlack/Silver/WhiteBlack/Silver/WhiteBlack/Silver/White
    Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years

    Dimenssion Drawing of High Power LED Flood Lights

    400W Flood Light Size800W Flood Light Size1000W Flood Light Size

    Application of High Power LED Mast Flood Lights

    LED Mast Flood Lights are a high power led lights which are mostly used for outdoor big lighting projects.

    ◆Outdoor Building Top lighting

    ◆Sea Port/Train Station lighting

    High-speed road crossing places

    Outdoor stadium Lighting

    ◆Factories,warehouses,sport halls

    Project construction site lighting

    led mast lights

    led flood light project

    flood lights
    led warehouse lightsled billboard lightsled stadium lights

    RGB/RGBW LED Mast Flood Lights


    flood light for outside buildingled flood light for outside building


    ●    RGBW Projector 10-2000m Distance

    ●    Create mixed colorful lights for     light up building

    ●    DMX 512 function

    ●    Cree XML RGBW chip

    ●    5/10/20/24/38/40/60 Beam angle


    ●    Architectural building, hotel, etc

    ●    Hall, maintain, some place need    RGB/RGBW lights

    Colorful RGBW/RGB floodlight, Fly-LED 30-1000W RGBW architectural floodlight is a high performance projector lights that suited to dynamic lighting of large-scale building etc. They are combined by 4-channel-R,G,B,W color can 100% used on DMX512 System.5-10° narrow beam can project till 1000m

    led mast lightsRGB LED mast lights

    Production for High Power LED Flood Lights

    led 600W Flood  lightled 400W Flood  lightled 800W Flood  light with meanwell
    led mast lamp production800W High Power Flood LightsRGBW flood lights

  • If you're going to wholesale the high power led mast flood lights made in China, welcome to contact our manufacturers and suppliers. We have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory to better serve you.

400W/600W/800W/1000W High Power LED Mast Flood Lights