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LED T5 Linear Tube lights Series

Jul 28, 2018

    LED T5 Linear Tube lights Series

    LED T5 tube light is a product to replace tradtional T5 fluorescent lamp in grilles fixtures.Luxsky Lighting, as a quality LED lighting Manufactuere in Shenzhen of China, who are a professional and focus on the own design & high quality lighting products. We produce LED T5 tube lights with 120lm/W, 130lm/W, 140lm/W, 150lm/W for our clients who pursue the high lumens,high power and high quality products. We give our T5 tubes warranty above 3 years. and they are popular with our clients to do supermarkets, ground floor parking,bus station,airport and public lighting project for renovate replacements. 

    T5 LED tube lights 1.2m.jpgT5 LED Tube lights 1.5m.jpg

    Specification of T5 LED Linear Tube lights

    Part No. Body  SizeColorPower



     Lumens/W  (clear)PFCRI
    LS-11-LLF-T5-06-9W 550mm3000K-6000K 9W 110lm/W 125lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-06-9W 550mm3000K-6000K 9W 130lm/W 140lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-18W 1150mm3000K-6000K 18W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-18W 1150mm3000K-6000K 18W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-25W 1150mm3000K-6000K 25W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-25W 1150mm3000K-6000K 25W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-25W 1145mm3000K-6000K 25W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-25W 1145mm3000K-6000K 25W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-28W 1145mm3000K-6000K 28W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-28W 1145mm3000K-6000K 28W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra

    Features of T5 LED Batten Linear Tube Lights

    Product Brand: Luxsky Lighting

    Part No.: LS-11-LLF-T5-06;LS-11-LLF-T5-12;LS-11-LLF-T5-15;

    LED Type: 2835 High Lumens SMD, Epistar, San'an chip

    LED Color: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K available

    Materials: 6063 Aluminum boday and high lumen transparent PC cover

    Size(mm): 0.6m, 1.2m , 1.5m


    Input Voltage: AC100-240V

    Lumens efficency:>120lm/W

    CRI >80Ra for normal; CRI>90Ra 0r CRI>95 for customized,

    LED driver Extral, PF>0.9, 

    LED Lens: Milky/Frosted cover; Clear cover

    High quality, high lumens, Eco-friendly, power-energy 50%;

    Tube input with two ends; one is + and one is -;

    IP Rate: IP40

    IK rate: IK08

    CE and RoHs certificates

    Warranty: 3 years

    Size Drawing of T5 LED Tube Lamps:

    T5 115cm

    T5 LED Tube Lights 1.2M

    T5 145cm

    T5 LED Tube Lights 1.5M

    Application of LED Tube Lamps T5:

    LED T5 Tube Lights are mostly used for commercial lighting, office lighting and public project lighting:

    ◆Supermarkets, shops

    ◆Office rooms, hospital rooms

    ◆Class rooms, reading rooms

    ◆Museums & Hotels

    ◆Airport/train waiting rooms

    ◆Car parking lots in ground floor;

       Ground Car Parking       Warehouse Supermarkets/Shopping Mall
    Parking ground T5 tubeswarehouse lighting T5 tubeshopping mall lighting T5 tube lights

    IES Testing of T5 1.2m/1.5m T5 LED Tube Lights

    T5 LED Tube testingT5 LED Tube lights IES testing
             Test Preparation       Testing for LUX IES file


             T5 25W >120lm/W        T5 28W >120lm/W
             T5 25W >140lm/W 
          T5 28W >140lm/W 

    Goods Sending for T5 High Quality LED Tube lights:

    T5 tube light packageT5 tube stockrooms40' container for T5 tubes
    LED T5 Tube light carton package LED T5 tubes warehouse  LED T5 tube 1x40'H Container

  • If you're going to wholesale the led linear batten lamp t5 high lumens tube lights made in China, welcome to contact our manufacturers and suppliers. We have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory to better serve you.

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