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Current hand in hand to JFC to build one of the largest vertical farms

Aug 01, 2018

Recently, GE's Current and Jones Foods Co., Ltd. (JFC) are building one of the largest vertical indoor farms in the world. This plant nursery is located in North Lincoln, England, and will be the largest indoor farm in Europe. As far as 5120 square meters of planting area is concerned, 420 tons of green leafy vegetables will be produced annually. The planting area is arranged on a shelf up to 11 meters high. To help maximize the production of vertical farms, Current is installing a new Arize * LED gardening lighting solution.

Current indicates that the Arize LED horticultural lighting solution has a balanced spectrum, which can stimulate the best growth of each plant, shorten the growth cycle and achieve intensive production.

FC chief executive James Lloyd-Jones said, "we know that lighting will be the lifeline and can bring efficient care intensive food production to the farm." "we need a partner to see the potential and develop a suitable lighting and spectrum with us to make our vision a reality."

JFC and the Current team developed a custom version of the Arize plant lamp, which can produce a combination of red, blue, and white wavelengths to grow large and balanced plants flexibly and efficiently. The equipment is located in an intelligent clean room (or "highly care") environment, which can completely isolate crops from external pollutants. Each growing area has its own water and nutrient supply.

In addition, the plant nursery will use GE's cloud data system to monitor the power consumption of LED and HVAC systems. It is reported that the first crop production is expected to start in autumn this year.

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