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Royal Navy ordered over 100 thousand LED lights

Aug 21, 2018

According to foreign media reports, the Royal Navy ordered 10,783 LED lights, worth 1 million ($8.75 million), and engineers from the Royal Navy had tested about 3,000 LED lighting units before placing the order.

The order was made by Ledison Lighting (Voltacon Group's LED lighting division), one of the largest orders ever made by the company.

The lights will be installed on 21 ships, including six 45 destroyers, 13 23 frigates and two recently purchased flagship carriers (HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales).

At China's Voltacon plant, about 100 employees worked 45 consecutive days to produce LED lights, fulfilling orders in record time.

The lights were then transported to the Portsmouth Naval Base and installed in batches by 40 electricians from the defense contractor BAE Systems.

"We have discussed with the British Ministry of defense for three years," said Stefanos Kandilidis, general manager of Voltacon. They tested the lights for three years before the ship was reconstructed.

Previously, these ships were equipped with fluorescent lamps, but switching to LED lighting had many advantages. When at sea, it is difficult to purchase and store spare parts for lamps and tubes, but the use of LED lights can reduce costs and reduce maintenance costs and storage space because of their longer life and low failure rates.

In the long run, it can also reduce energy consumption, which is very important for ships to operate at low power.

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