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Nearly 600 million of investment, Wenzhou to create the world's largest mountain lighting show

Aug 27, 2018

The Lianghua Night Tour Project is located in Lucheng District and Yongjia County on both sides of the Oujiang River. It starts from the Qidu Bridge in the East and extends from the Oujiang Bridge in the west to the Oujiang Bridge.

"The project will take the unique mountain, architecture, bridges, landscapes on both sides of the Oujiang River as the carrier, deduce the magical landscape and Ouxiu embroidery with Wenzhou characteristics by lighting, thus opening a new Oujiang night tour mode and creating a new impression of Wenzhou with humanistic feelings and fashionable wisdom." The municipal residential construction committee introduced that the concrete construction contents include the front row buildings along the Oujiang River, the landscape belt along the river, four river-crossing bridges (Ouyue, Oubei, Dongou and Qidu Bridges), Jiangxinyu and Yongjiashan Bridge, etc.

It is reported that through the car, pedestrian and boat tripartite angle of view, visitors will be able to enjoy the South and North Bank of the Oujiang two picture scrolls, the South Bank of the legendary Wenzhou, the north bank deduction of magical landscape.However, such a lighting project is not difficult. According to statistics, the project involves the Oujiang River on both sides of the building facade area of 450,000 square meters, 9.5 million square meters of mountain, 790,000 square meters of landscape belt, 10 kilometers of bridge, huge volume.

At the end of April this year, the Oujiang River cross-strait Lianghua Night Tour project formally signed a contract to enter, the construction unit embraced the "warm quotient return" feeling, regardless of cost, security, effect, progress, put into the strongest force, formed a 70-odd people on-site project management team, the peak construction staff of more than 3000 people and dozens of mules and camels, in suspension. Cliff cliffs and deep gullies are struggling to ensure that the National Day is lit.

"Shengmei Jianshan, as a key project, consists of 11 mountains, with the highest elevation of 500 meters, mostly cliffs." The design of the light waterfall is the first in the industry, consisting of nine curtains, 410 meters wide and 72 meters high. It will be the biggest mountain lighting show in the world after its completion. It is reported that the construction unit is applying for the Guinness world record.

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