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The prospects for plant lighting are promising, and technology giants are planting vegetables across the border.

Aug 29, 2018

At first glance, there are green slices in front of us. These vegetables have a green and straight body, arranged in disorder, and are not different from what we usually see. But it feels so different when you look at the stacks of racks standing in front of you, and the vegetable heads are lined up with all sorts of light sources. Originally, this is a modern new agricultural cultivation, and the use of this new cultivation of large-scale plant cultivation is called the plant lighting factory, and all this is rooted in the rise of LED plant lighting technology.

With the gradual maturity of blue LED technology, and the introduction of intelligent control technology, Internet of Things technology and sensor technology, the energy consumption of artificial light source has been greatly reduced, intelligent plant lighting plant gradually began to rise. In 2017, the Internet of Things giant Jingdong built a 4,500-square-meter plant lighting plant in Beijing, using a variety of LED plant lighting to achieve vegetable from breeding to maturity throughout the life cycle of light supply. This modern planting method overcomes the limitations of geographical environment, effectively improves the growth efficiency of vegetables, and greatly increases the yield of vegetables. It is reported that the output of vegetables grown in this way can be 5 times that of traditional soil culture.

Today, the concept of intelligent and green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Combining high-tech with agriculture to create a smart agriculture that meets the needs of modern society is a major trend in the future. By integrating high-tech technologies such as biotechnology, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and sensor technology, and then precisely controlling the growth environment according to the law of plant growth, the goal of optimizing plant growth, shortening plant maturity cycle and increasing yield can be achieved, and the traditional agriculture "feeding on the sky" can be rewritten. History, this new mode of planting has far-reaching significance.

Although the advantages of plant lighting technology have been fully highlighted, there are still many obstacles to the formation of large-scale cultivation. Since a large amount of investment must be made in equipment at the initial stage, even if the yield of vegetables can be increased, the difference between the vegetables grown in taste and taste and traditional planting methods is not obvious, and they do not have competitive advantages in pricing, so they can not bring high profits to enterprises quickly. In addition, the public lack of understanding of plant lighting technology, it is difficult to open the market acceptance at once, it is bound to experience a process of popularization.

In a word, modern plant lighting has many problems, such as high technical barriers, large initial investment, high operating costs, long return period and so on. These are the obstacles that LED plant lighting industry needs to face in the process of development and growth, and enterprises will try to solve these problems.

Although LED plant lighting has a broad market space, but there are still some shortcomings in specific applications. Because LED plant lighting needs to take into account the light intensity, spectrum, tube distribution uniformity, efficiency, heating and other factors, and plant growth needs a specific band, different varieties, growth cycles of light demand will also be different, so plant plants need to integrate plant species, growth stages and other content, timely adjustment The best growth curve was obtained. Osram's OSLON product family perfectly covers the entire process of plant growth, just adjust the number of the series of LEDs, you can achieve the different proportion of dark blue, ultra red and far red light, can be very easy and efficient to solve the problem of adaptability.

Overall, there is a global consensus on the prospects of the plant lighting market, and the outbreak of the market will have a huge impact on the agricultural market. Although the Chinese market started relatively late, but because of the huge volume of the Chinese market, once the market erupted, it will be out of control.

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