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The peak season is late. Crystal power Q3 Blu LED is fully loaded and its operation is bullish.

Aug 30, 2018

The overall demand for small-pitch displays has picked up, coupled with the alleged flaw in the chip on the small-pitch displays that the Lu-funded factory exploded. Because the cost of small-pitch displays is not low, the ratio of LED chips to its BOM list is not high, but the whole chip has to be replaced, which is both labor-intensive and costly, resulting in the order reflux of small-pitch displays, plus TV, mobile backlight orders synchronous reflux, a delay in the traditional peak season effect, crystal power from August, blue LED has entered the stage of full load.

Jingdian pointed out that there seems to be a delay in the peak season this year, Jingdian Quaternary and a total of 350 Blu-ray machines have entered full-load state, in addition to the R&D machine, has run full, is currently trying to break through the bottleneck to promote the production capacity of Blu-ray LED.

In addition to the increase in crop productivity of Blu-ray LED, the infrared IR of crystal also shows full load. Wavelength 940, 850 applications, such as sensing and identification demand pull, is now entering the full capacity stage, quaternary LED is the main source of crystal profitability, infrared IR full capacity should help crystal further improve profitability.

Jingdian said that the second quarter of this year's peak season effect is not obvious, but from August, Blu-ray LED, quaternary LED have relatively obvious peak season effect, August operation will be better than July, September will be better than August, the third quarter has the opportunity to show monthly growth, it seems that order visibility will continue to October.

At the Touch Taiwan 2018 exhibition yesterday (29), Crystal Power showed off its mini-LED related products, including RGB mini-LED products for small-space displays. The size of RGB packaged is only 0.25mm X0.25mm and 0.4mm X0.4mm. The size of the chip is still far smaller than the size of the packaged chip, and it is almost the largest on-site. Tiny LED chips, which can be repaired, are expected to expand shipments in the first quarter of next year.

At present, the distribution of crystal power products, backlight, display screen, lighting-related revenue proportion of about 25-30%, 15-20%, 20-25%, quaternary LED accounted for about 35%, Mini LED-related applications if successfully carried out, the proportion of display-related revenue in the medium and long term look at 25%.

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