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With LED lighting, a vertical farm in Scotland will reduce energy consumption by 50%.

Sep 08, 2018

Recently in Scotland, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) launched Scotland's first vertical farm, claiming it is the world's most advanced indoor farm with the company's patented Power and communications technology.

The IGS Vertical Farm at the James Hutton Institute worked with the IGS team to explore the effects of different growth lights on improving crop yields and quality.

According to IGS, vertical farms can be monitored through a platform. Compared with other indoor growth environments, the solution will help reduce energy consumption by 50%.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, a startup, Oasis Biotech, has turned an empty industrial site into one of the largest indoor vertical farms in the United States. Since its opening last month, the vertical farm has been providing food for restaurants in Las Vegas. Because of the installation of LED lighting system and controlled indoor environment, farms can grow fresh vegetables throughout the year.

The ultimate goal of vertical agriculture is to reduce water waste, eliminate pesticide use and shorten food miles, reducing food waste by 90% by growing fresh vegetables locally and on demand.

24V LED Grow Light Rope Strip