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A number of enterprises boosted the mobile plant factory, which is expected to land in Lanzhou.

Sep 18, 2018

During the symposium, the German Shes Company made a concise exposition on the achievements of the technology transfer of solar photovoltaic power generation in Lanzhou. They hoped that the next step would be the production of some parts in Lanzhou. At the same time, they would cooperate with Lanzhou University in depth to jointly develop patents to realize the transformation of German scientific and technological achievements in Lanzhou. Mr. Morgan of Eisenbeck, a well-known agricultural renewable resources research and development company in Israel, is willing to develop more suitable products according to the needs of Lanzhou and Gansu provinces until they are extended to the whole western region of China.

The representative of the Swedish company Eurasia, a Nasdaq listed company, said that the company was willing to extend the "live vegetables" project with high automation and remote Internet of Things control to Lanzhou to promote the development of agricultural science and technology in Western China. According to the representative, "living vegetable" generally refers to the use of plant seeds or other nutrients, under certain conditions to cultivate edible buds, bud seedlings, bud balls, young shoots or young stems and other bud seedlings vegetables. "Living vegetable" has become a promising vegetable industry.

Hannover has introduced "mobile plant factories" with low energy consumption, high profit and small land occupation. Plant factories are efficient agricultural systems for annual continuous crop production through high-precision environmental control in facilities. They are computer-based systems for plant growth, including temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient solutions. Automatic control of environmental conditions, new production methods that are not subject to or limited by natural conditions. Because the plant factory has realized the whole process of manual control, crop production planning is strong, can achieve balanced annual production, producers can completely according to market demand, formulate an annual production plan, can effectively avoid market risks. As a new mode of production, plant factories artificially control the environment and nutrients needed by plant production, and achieve technological breakthroughs in crop growth that are not affected by external natural climate. The output per unit area can reach tens or even hundreds of times of the open field. Therefore, plant factories are considered to solve the problems of population, resources and environment in the 21st century. Important ways, even in the desert, Gobi, islands, water, buildings and other non-arable land to achieve crop production, but also in the future space projects, the moon and other planets to explore the process of food self-sufficiency is an important means. Hanover hopes that the mobile vegetable factory project can be launched in Lanzhou.

Kim Jong-da, head of a large group of foreign companies, said he was willing to use his unique soil improvement technology to improve the soil pollution problem in some counties in Lanzhou, and was willing to cooperate with the Lanzhou science and Technology Department to provide free training and soil testing for rural construction in well-off counties.

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