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China's custom smart street lamp unveiled in Wuhan, Jiangcheng

Sep 25, 2018

Wuhan, abbreviated as "Han" or "Jiangcheng", is the only deputy provincial city and mega-city in the provincial capital and six central provinces of Hubei Province. It is the central city in the central region of China, the core city of the Yangtze River Economic Zone, an important industrial base, scientific and educational base and a comprehensive transportation hub in China.

Wuhan Donghu Economic and Technological Development Zone is a national independent innovation demonstration zone, known as "Wuhan China Optical Valley". In 2016, it was approved as the first batch of national demonstration bases, and was approved as China (Hubei) Free Trade Experimental Zone Wuhan area, is Wuhan's science and technology innovation center.

Wuhan Optical Valley Center is the business center of the East Lake Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total land area of the center is 36.15 square kilometers. It is planned and designed by SOM Company of the United States. It focuses on the introduction of "financial institutions, enterprise headquarters, business office, commercial entertainment, high-grade residential" to create a high-tech business center and strive to become a future business center. Hubei and even the central region technology innovation enterprises (Headquarters) gathering area.

In August this year, Guanggu Central City installed a number of intelligent street lights on the road near Ward Central Commercial Street. Sichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Huati Technology Stock Code: 603679) as a high-tech enterprise with years of intelligent street lamp design, manufacturing and construction and operation experience, has the honor to participate in the road. Section of the street lamp construction.

Relying on its strong advantages in traditional road lighting design and according to the needs of the owners, Huati Lighting has designed and installed two kinds of intelligent street lamps named "Star of Light Valley" and "Sheng Fang". Besides intelligent lighting functions, the two kinds of street lamps also integrate WiFi, video surveillance, urban environmental monitoring and public lighting. Common broadcast, one key alarm and display screen information release 6 functions.

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