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The 11th Turkish Brand Exhibition has been successfully concluded

Sep 28, 2018

On September 19 th, the Turkish Lighting Exhibition opened at the Istanbul Exhibition Center. There are nearly 100 Chinese exhibitors, more than 150 local exhibitors, more than 1600 Chinese exhibitors, most of whom are engineering lighting, and most of the products are LED. The buyers are from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon, Romania, Egypt and other countries, organizers set up a B2B translation service area for foreign exhibitors to provide language translation services on site for buyers with language communication barriers.

The local exhibitors are divided into producers and trade engineers. Among them, Turkish Trade Engineering 2Y enterprises participate for 4 consecutive times, each year is a special area. Yazgan, the head of the company, saw that Chinese enterprises came to Turkey to take the initiative to shake hands with the exhibitors.

2Y enterprise mainly do engineering lighting, in Turkey has a production plant, and in ancient towns in China with offices, perennial procurement of engineering lighting accessories and finished products. "every year there are new hotel and commercial real estate projects in Turkey, and because of the devaluation of the Turkish lira this year, we need to buy a lot from China to replace products that were originally purchased in Europe. Exhibition site and several Shenzhen enterprises have reached an intention to cooperate, and plans to visit the factory in October. " Yazgan says so.

The devaluation of the lira has also made Chinese companies more popular in Turkey, with local television stations conducting interviews with Chinese companies and a large number of buyers seeking solar lighting products during the show. At the show's B2B service area, many buyers said they needed to buy solar streetlights, solar courtyard lights, solar wall lights, and so on. One of the suppliers mentioned that their company had 25 stores. Sales networks cover Turkey and Iraq.,

At the exhibition site, the organizers also conducted a questionnaire survey on local exhibitors, which included options such as impression of Chinese enterprises and product quality. Most foreign exhibitors said that the quality of Chinese exhibitors this year is higher than that of previous years. Many of the Chinese exhibitors have high brand awareness and a clear understanding of their products, both in terms of size and reputation. Some exhibitors said they had signed orders with Chinese companies on site or were about to place orders and hoped to get more product categories and good service from China.,

ne Chinese exhibitor said excitedly that after attending the Turkish lighting exhibition for two consecutive years, one exhibitor finally moved an exhibitor to place an order to start working together.

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