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De Bon Lighting has been successfully invested in Tesco, and coded LED commercial lighting

Oct 10, 2018

Recently, Debang Lighting announced the completion of the acquisition and capital increase of Guangdong Teyou Shi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., in which it eventually held 68 percent of the company's shares and became its largest shareholder. Former Teyou Shi lighting shareholder He Wei, Yin Kang still holds 24% and 8% equity. He Wei will continue to be vice chairman and general manager of the company, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company.

Ni Qiang, chairman of Debang Lighting, said Tesco is a new and emerging company focusing on commercial lighting as an excellent lighting brand. De Bong Lighting is very supportive of Tesco's strategic planning and implementation path, and has confidence in the executive team headed by He Wei. "in the future, Tesco Lighting will operate independently as a professional brand in the commercial lighting field of Debang Lighting, and will extend its opportunities to other subdivision lighting applications."

It is reported that Teyou Shi Lighting, as a lighting brand enterprise established in line with the trend of LED development, has gained a certain advantage in the field of commercial lighting, especially in the area of commercial super lighting, after nearly 10 years of precipitation. LED professional lighting become a new representative brand. Ni Qiang believes that Debang's stake in Tesco is a recognition of its management team, brand positioning, business model, business system and operational capabilities. It also shows that Debang Lighting holds the opportunity of "new retailing" in China and becomes the leading domestic "commercial space lighting service provider" confidence.

Merchants, will adhere to the "Debang manufacture" and "Debang Services" dual nuclear development, the successful holding of Tesco Lighting is an important measure to enhance the ability of Debang Lighting to enhance "Debang Services". After the completion of this operation, Debang Lighting will have a more complete domestic marketing system. "Lighting Engineering Design Special Grade A qualification" and "Urban and Road Lighting Engineering Professional contract Class I qualification" Shuangjia Zi Company-Zhejiang Debang Public Lighting Co., Ltd. will focus on lighting engineering and if Dry professional lighting products sales area.

Another subsidiary, Hangzhou Debang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. will continue to pay attention to B2C business, through close cooperation with Alibaba, Huawei and other companies. Provide intelligent lighting products and services for domestic consumers to bring a better lighting experience.

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