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Japan Asia and three companies share red fluorescent LED technology, granted a patent in the United States

Oct 17, 2018

Nichia Corp, a Japanese LED manufacturer, said yesterday (16) that the technology related to red fluorescent LED for nitride systems Shared by Japan and westgate electronics, mitsubishi chemical and NIMS, the national research and development corporation of Japan (NIMS), had recently been granted patents in the us.

The red fluorescent body is composed of Sr, Ca, AlSiN3:Eu and so on. It is commonly known as CASN, SCASN or 1113 fluorescent body. Due to its high brightness and reliability, it is widely used in the field of white LED.

In 2015, and citizen electronics, mitsubishi chemical, NIMS and other four companies, has been the nitride is red phosphor related patent cross-licensing agreement, and covered by the red phosphor basis of patent, have previously patented in the United States, and for the four companies have in common, as for recently approved patents in the United States, and is for the use of the red phosphor LED basic patents.

On the other hand, to protect the interests of fluorescer manufacturers and component manufacturers, to ensure the enforcement of patents and to reduce losses, NIMS has now changed the comprehensive licensing scheme for its red fluorescent patent, effective from 1 October 2018. Japan Asia said it is the licensee of the new NIMS licensing scheme, so all products have patent licenses that are not affected by any changes.

For the red fluorescence and LED using the red fluorescence and other related patents, Japan and west railway city electronics, mitsubishi chemical, NIMS will not tolerate any infringement, and will take appropriate measures according to law.

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