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Volkswagen develops new lighting systems that project information about cars onto roads

Oct 20, 2018

According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen (Volkswagen) is trying to use headlights and taillights to project information onto roads around the car. On October 17, local time, the auto company said it was developing a new lighting system that would use 30000 tiny components in the light box to communicate with other drivers on the road.

Volkswagen says it is using a headlamp with an optical driveway-assisted (Optical Lane Assist). The lights project lines showing the width of the vehicle onto the road to help the driver keep the car in the driveway. The system can also project the width of towed objects so as to prevent the objects fixed behind the trailers from being jammed.

For VW taillights, an optical parking assisted (Optical Park Assist) system can be used to project the path through which the vehicle will pass. The system is designed to warn other drivers and pedestrians so they can avoid drivers. Or you can use the many small pixels of the taillights to display information, and the public displays a sign warning about the charging status of an electric vehicle. The company said the feature could also be used in busy traffic scenarios to "eliminate traffic jams through vehicle-to-car communications."

Lights can also be used to share information about the state of the car. For example, the doorknob fitted to the prototype Volkswagen has a narrow light bar that indicates whether the car is locked or unlocked (red or green) and whether there is a nearby smartphone that can be used as a car key.

Volkswagen points out that light projection technology is also important for self-driving vehicles. Many companies are testing lighting systems that allow autonomous vehicles to send signals to road users about their predetermined paths and directions. Volkswagen's system projects arrowhead-shaped beams of light onto roads to help other road users understand where the autonomous car is headed.

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