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artificial Moon in China will be realized in 2022. The intensity of illumination is 8 times that of moonlight.

Oct 23, 2018

Wu Chunfeng, director of the system Science Research Society of Tianfu New District, said that the accurate expression of China's "artificial moon" is an artificial space illumination satellite carrying a large space reflector, which is expected to be deployed in a low-Earth orbit of less than 500 kilometers. The maximum intensity of light will be eight times that of the present moonlight. According to the related research and development plan, in 2020, the "artificial moon" will complete the overall verification work from launch, orbit, launch, lighting to regulation and control. After 2022, three "artificial moons" will be launched in one of the three major satellite launch bases in China. "by then, these three giant mirrors will have an equal 360-degree orbital plane, and the three 'moons' will alternately be able to irradiate the same area 24 hours without interruption, and the reflected sunlight will cover an area of 3600-6400 square kilometers."

In response to concerns about the impact of biological activity and other issues, Wu Chunfeng said the "artificial moon" light intensity and lighting duration can be adjusted, lighting accuracy can also be controlled in the tens of meters. Although the "artificial moon" is eight times the brightness of the moon, the actual illumination of the working area is approximately equal to that of the evening in summer, considering the influence of factors such as atmospheric motion. At that time, people can feel the "artificial moon" light, for street lights about 1/5. It can do "what to hit", "brightness adjustable", do not worry about the "biological clock disorder" such as the problem.

Especially in the civil field, the "artificial moon" makes full use of the sun's light, complements with the night street lamp lighting, and saves a lot of electricity consumption of the infrastructure. In winter when sunshine is short, the artificial Moon provides illumination that allows the dawn to be extended ahead of the day and the twilight to be extended. "for example, providing radiation to 50 square kilometers of Chengdu can save about 1.2 billion yuan a year in electricity bills. "in areas of power failure caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, it is also possible to use the 'artificial moon' space lighting to relieve panic, light rescue, convenient placement, and so on." Wu Chunfeng said.

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