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Crystal electricity transformation, MiniLED release quantity gradually, next year revenue increases 3%

Oct 29, 2018

The legal person expects that next year, the company, together with its Jingcheng Semiconductor and Yuanfeng New Technology, will all become better investors. With three arrows, it will have the opportunity to boost the annual revenue of Crystal Electric back to more than 25 billion yuan (NT $) or more next year. Challenge nearly five-year high, the annual growth rate to see 20 to 30%.

Affected by the overall environment of the LED industry, the combined revenue of Crystal Electric in the first three quarters of this year is 16.09 billion yuan, which is 17.2 yuan per year, and the annual performance will inevitably decline. However, the legal person believes that the company has undergone transformation and improved its health. Reducing the proportion of lighting business, vehicle and infrared products are also gradually pulling up the performance of, Mini LED products from the third quarter start small shipments, this quarter gradually released volume, will become the biggest growth momentum for next year's results.

At present, Crystal Electric's Mini LED business, grain business still belongs to Crystal Electric, in addition, its new Mini LED packaging and module business is in charge of Yuanfeng New Technology, which owns 100% of its shares, and Yuanfeng is responsible for the design and development of related products. Again outsourced by crystal electricity to invest in the production of the company.

The legal person expects that next year, the Mini LED grain business of Crystal Electric will be obviously released. At the same time, Yuanfeng will be responsible for packaging and module business, and the sales amount will be relatively large. The combined Mini LED performance of the two companies will have the opportunity to account for 10 to 20 percent of the overall performance of Crystal Electric. At least two billion yuan. In addition, the crystal is divided into four inches to six inches semiconductor products to produce vertical resonator surface laser (VCSEL) and power components, mainly for data transmission and sensing applications.

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