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Indoor lighting style--led window light

Nov 24, 2018

Direct lighting


[1] The light is emitted through the lamp, where 90% -100% of the luminous flux reaches the assumed working surface, which is a direct lighting. This kind of lighting has a strong contrast between light and shade, and can cause interesting and vivid effects of light and shadow, can highlight the face in the whole environment in the dominant position, but because of the high brightness, should prevent the glare. Such as factories, general offices and so on.

Semi-direct lighting

Semi-direct lighting method is made of translucent material shade cover the upper part of the light source, 60% -90% of the light to focus on the face, 10% -40% by the cover light and translucent lampshade spread up and diffuse , The light is softer. This kind of lamp is often used in general lighting of lower room. As the diffuse light can illuminate the flat top, so that the height of the top of the room increased, which can produce a high sense of space.

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Indirect lighting 

Indirect lighting is the light source of the indirect light generated by the way of illumination, of which 90% -100% of the luminous flux through the ceiling or wall reflection on the face, 10% of the light is directly exposed to the face. There are usually two kinds of treatment methods, one is the opaque lamp cover installed in the lower part of the light, the light fired on the flat top or other objects reflected into indirect light; one is to put the lamp in the lamp, the light reflected from the flat to the indoor Into indirect light. When this type of lighting is used alone, it is important to note the thick shadows in the lower part of the opaque shade. Usually with other lighting methods used in order to obtain a special artistic effect. Shopping malls, clothing stores, conference rooms and other places, generally used as ambient lighting or enhance the brightness of the scene.


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Semi-indirect lighting

Semi-indirect lighting, contrast and semi-direct lighting on the contrary, the translucent lampshade installed in the lower part of the light source, more than 60% of the light fired at the flat top, the formation of indirect light source, 10% -40% part of the light down through the lamp cover. This way can produce a more special lighting effect, so that the lower the room has a higher feeling. Also applies to the small space in the residential part, such as the foyer, aisle, clothing stores, etc., usually in the learning environment using this lighting, the most affordable.


Diffuse lighting


Diffuse lighting, is the use of lighting refraction function to control the glare, the light spread to the surrounding diffuse. This lighting is generally in two forms, one is the light from the shade of the shell by the flat-top reflection, both sides from the translucent shade spread, the lower part

of the spread from the grille. The other is to use a translucent shade to cover all the light and diffuse. This kind of lighting light performance soft, visual comfort, suitable for bedroom.


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