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How to install LED linear light ?

Jan 07, 2019

      The three main types of LED Linear are pendant, surface mounted or recessed.

      LED Linear Pendant lighting use suspension wires to hang from the ceiling, and are most suited to rooms with generous ceiling height. These are also ideal for creating stunning accent lighting – think about hanging over reception desks, stairways or atriums.
Surface Mounted LED Linear lights are mounted onto the surface of the and are suited to situations where pendant lights could be too low due to ceiling height.
Recessed LED linear are recessed into a surface, be it a ceiling, wall or . This offers clean, uninterrupted lines.
    Colour temperature – LED Linear lights offer a large range of colour temperatures, which affect the way the eye interprets the light. From cool white to warm white, different temperatures can be used to create mood and atmosphere in a space. Neutral white, or 4000 kelvin to use its technical name, is recommended for offices and retail areas which provides the most comfortable environment.
    Cost effective – an obvious advantage, LED Linear is extremely efficient to run due to its low energy usage, and also its inherent longevity; an LED will typically last many times longer than a fluorescent tube.

led lightLED linear light

Customer feedback:

1, there is a sense of design of the lamp, can be a variety of combinations of graphics, light is also very comfortable, good oh!

2, the installation should be very convenient, practical.

3, the brightness is very bright, the installation of the cable is very convenient, the quality of the brand is really good.

4, not harsh light soft.The overall effect is good and the service is nice

5, the new office decoration, responsible for the purchase of lighting source for the entire company, the leadership are very satisfied, before buying also bought two samples to see the work and quality, really good, so behind all set, the price is also many concessions, the store has been collected, the next time there is a need to buy back!

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